Sunday, February 8, 2009

No more....

Laptop! Its a very sad day.

I was talking to my mom just the other day and told her about my sad news....and then randomly I told her...what if we gave my laptop a proper burial? (I was half-serious...mostly trying not to laugh and just wanted to hear my mom's reaction; having that I can't see her since she is living in another state) mom started busting out laughing pretty hard...and then she got to business. And asked, where should we do its burial? would it be proper? (i'm still trying not to laugh but its becoming difficult) I responded, well, it will have to be here since I don't have the money to send it there. And well, it did live a long and prosperous life.

We both couldn't help it anymore. I had waited to long to not laugh and just let it all out.

Ironically, I found a newspaper add on the Deseret News that Carl's Jr had a proper burial for there toilet paper. Dude, that was hilarious. And they gave customer's that actually came to the burial a toilet cleaning agent because apparently that's what the toilet loved to be cleaned. I almost fell of my chair laughing, I could not control my laughter. And by the way, I was reading this while I was at work. The story titled grabbed my attention...lmbo!!! =P Silly people!

Well, I gotta go, I'm doing good! Hope you are too!!

Love ya-