Sunday, April 27, 2008


Today has been a magnificent day! I love going to church because it is such a blessing to be able to hear the testimonies of others. To hear what they love, what moves them, what gets them to be in the right spirit. I just really love hearing what everyone says and how I get learn by their examples. I am so glad that I get the opportunity to hear what others testimonies. I really enjoy every minute of being at church. Today, it was even really special for me because its my 5th year anniversity of being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. And it was really nice to be reminded of my baptism and of my baptismal covenants that I have made with the Lord. Not only that, just how much it really has blessed my life to being a member. It really changed me for the best. I love being a member. I love the Saviour. It has really helped me being a member of the church and it has truely blessed my life. I wish my family could understand the happiness that I get from living in the place that I am living, and having such great room mates whom are influential and set example on me. Not only that, to just feel the love and peace that they could receive for being a faithful of the church and continue to move strongly and willingly to learn and do what is right.
I am definetely going to be sad when I have to move from this place because I am now finally really getting to know people and making friends but you know that part that stinks, is that the people that I have now befriended are moving or have moved back home, so who knows if we will actually be able to keep in touch. I know people come and go in our lives, but its always hard to say good bye because sometimes those good byes are forever good byes. Like when I was living at home to move out of the state and to say good bye to my family, the people I grew up knowing and just everything, was extremely hard. I never thought good byes would be soo hard. But they really are. Now I finally understand what my friend meant when he said he hates good byes.
Those life lessons that we learn are really valuable and they make a difference. They really make you ponder about life and the meaning thereof. And they make you think about that you would never would have thought of before. Interesting, isn't it? How funny life works out.
I really like the quote that was read today during Relief Society. I don't remember who said it.... but here it is:

"If you don't raise the bar, then how will you know your true potential?"

What that meant to me, was that, I need to remember everything that I do, is because I could return to Heavenly Father. And that I should never lower my standards, because the one's that I have are the right ones. And that I must never fear and do my best in everything I do. I should always stand in holy places and remember our Saviour. Because He has done a lot for me and everyone else in the world. The quote actually means a whole lot more for me, but I am afraid that I can't write it all down at this time. Because of the meanings it has for me that I should not share.
I just want to say, I thank my Saviour for all that He has done. I am so thankful to have the gospel in my life. I am forever grateful for those that lead me to the right direction and for becoming my friends. I am so grateful for the love and peace that I have in my life. I thank thee, Heavenly Father. And I say this in the name of Jesus the Christ. Amen.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

No Casualty...

So, I am at work, minding my own business and I well, was working on some sort of project and one of my co-workers was doing inventory and for some reason decided to ask me if I was LDS. And of course, my answer was Yes. Well, he told me, that we don't believe in casualties. He went on to tell me, that it isn't by some sort of casualty that I am working at the company. That I am there for a reason, that the Lord has a plan for me and that as I follow His plan that things will work out and that I will be blessed.
And you know, I really wasn't expecting that at all. It was really cool to hear that. Here I am feeling dumb-founded by what his saying, and yet happy to have heard it. Finally, someone said that to me! I mean, how many times have I said that to others and never really actually herd that same sort of feed back. It really wowwed me.
I think the most interesting part of it all, was that we both were not talking about church membership, religion or really anything. I was just doing my work and him his. It was profound. Actually something that I really needed to hear.
It really is no casualty that one person is in this place or that. You are either there because you have really truelly have made the right choice and you were really blessed for making the right decision or you went for the wrong one knowing that it could mean no good and comes out to be no good.
Its so interesting with the people we come across and the things that they say. A lot of those times when we see those people, we are blessed to hear such great encouraging words. I am so grateful to have heard what my co-worker had to say. It was great words on encouragement.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

You learn something new...

Well, I was talking to one of my room mates and well, she is helping me to start doing my family history work. I am sooo excited! I just started. Ya know, doing Geneology work, isn't all that bad. You get to learn a lot about your family! I am learning about my grandma, she is a funny lady, I come from a hispanic background, so of course I speak both English and Spanish. Well, my grandma, refuses to be called "Abuelita" in spanish, she would prefer to be called Grandma in english, ok, keep in mind that "abuelita" means Grandma in english, she saids that if we call her "abuelita," that it would make her feel old and she doesn't like feeling old. Well, I hate to brake it to ya grandma, but both words mean the same and I still don't understand one over the other. I guess it makes sense, but I don't know, she is just silly.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Story

Well, a little about me, I am gonna keep it short....well maybe. I grew up in a family of four kids (including me). I am the baby in the house and technically the only child. My dad, loves to spoil me, because I am his only little girl however, I don't consider myself spoiled. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother (yeah, we have quite a bit of an age difference and they have a different dad than me), I have met him before, and I don't really know how I should feel around him, its strange. But anyway our mom is currently married to my dad. My mom is the most amazing mother ever, I am sure everybody, if not quite a bit of people, can say that about there mother. I am the "surprise" child, (and thats not figuritively its literally) my mom wasn't planning on having a fourth and then, well, she got pregnant with me while taking birth control pills so she couldn't get pregnant, well obviously that didn't work. And ever since I can remember, I always asked my parents for a little brother or little sister, and nope, I still haven't gotten one and wont, which ya know, stinks. Well, like I was saying, I really do surprise my mom quite a bit, I guess it helps to keep her on her toes because I am also can be quite the handful at times, she sometimes wonder where do I come up with things, honestly, I don't know, I just do, its always fun but always a spur of the moment kind of thing too. Yeah, that answers it, I am spontaneous! I will plan things at the moment i think of something and then I run out, and go do them without much hesitation.

Well, lil about my mom, she sets a wonderful example to me, she like I are both fighters, when we say we will do something, nothing brings us down, we follow through and do them, even if it takes every ounce of us. She is my inspiration, I look upto my mom and she has helped me realize my dreams, and has shown me that I must never give up and NEVER settle for less! Its awesome. I had the worst time trying to realize what I needed to do with my life when I was a teenager in middle school and in high school, most of it had to do with being sick so much, which I hate being sick and I really don't like taking medications not even for a cold, I just go through it without medicine until I can't do it anymore, than I start taking medication which is rare. So now I am pretty sure I know what I want to do with my life, I know what I want to help with and am now just working on how to get there. Its a slow process but a good one, nonetheless.

And a little more of my personality, I am the goof in the house, I have a spunky personality and I laugh at my silly mistakes that I make. I am also "too patient", as my mom would say, and I LOVE being around kids! I also love going on car adventures. Ya know the kind when you get lost and you don't know how to get to where your suppose to go, and then you realize "crap I don't have map!" or "crap, I have map, but its of the wrong state, what to do? what to do? what to do?." Those are my kind of car adventures, I also called them "taking the scenic route." I get that from my dad. Its like they say, live your life to the fullest. This is what some of my friends would say about me, the best time to talk to V (me) is when I am really tired, because I will go off rambling about nothing, things that doesn't make any sense or throw out a bunch of useless information. Its even more funny when I am about to go off to bed when I am extremely tired, because I am not all there so I don't really focus or concentrate to make sure I know where I am walking or walking into, so I tend to crash into the wall or bump into things and if you hear me, which, no doubt you will, I will say things such as..."man, there's a wall there!" or "Ouch, thats a wall." But its one of those things that you just have to be there for them because its not as funny telling you about my moments. I do my moments... they are -aka-Veronica Moments, my mom and best friends, or anyone that has lived with me, know about those moments.

I love life, I try to live my life to the fullest and endure to the end. So, ah yeah, there is a whole lot more to me than this, but I need to go. So, see ya!


My sister

Well, I got to talk to my sister, Laura, yesterday! It was SOOO nice to hear her voice and SOOO nice to hear that she was happy, she sounded happy and a whole lot stronger. I miss her dearly!! She was telling me that because of everything that has been happening with her health and going in and out of the doctors and the hospital, that it has been affecting her, so much that her hair has been thinning out more and more and that she has some bold spots on her head. Which is really sad, she also mention of feeling depressed and its mostly at night (evening-ish) is when she starts feeling depressed and during the day she is fine. Well, she told me that my niece(her daughter) went out of her way to take my sister to the mall and got her hair extensions (those cost a lot, they are pretty expensive). Well, the people there (some men that work where my sis got hair extensions) gave my niece a really nice discount (it wasn't on sale, they did an act of kindness, an act of service for my sweet!) and did my sister's hair, put on some hair extensions and made it look nice and curly now it looks how she use to have, beautifully curly, and then they gave her extra hair extensions. My sister was AMAZINGLY glowing of pure happiness because she has hair now. Just hearing it, it made me want to cry not b/c I was sad, but b/c how much it means so much to her to have the things that she needs so she can feel more like a women, so she can feel more like herself, more complete.

Its so awesome to hear this from my sister, and its funny how things work out. My sister, Laura, is now able to drive again, because she has the strength to drive. She is also learning on how to start cooking for herself, since she hasn't been able to do it for a long time due to sickness. I am so glad to hear those things are going well for her.

Anyways, I just wanted to let you know how my sis is doing. Thats all. Have a wonderful day!

Today is absolutely gorgeous and breath-taking. I love these days!!

Love ya,

"Laugh like no one is watching, Dance like you have never done before, Smile like there is no tomorrow and Live like there is no end"