Monday, June 29, 2009

My crazyness...nope, just new updates...

Ok, so not very many people know this. I guess I have been keeping it as a secret..well, not really. My life has been getting a little on the complicated side. I will be getting testing done pretty soon to figure out whats wrong with my stomach....and no, I am NOT pregnant, heck, I am not even married yet!...I need me a man. lol...(sorry, I had a funny thought come to my head that made me laugh) but I do have food allergies...sad day... =(

The last couple of weeks I have been getting REALLY sick. All of the symptoms of allergies to foods that contain gluten. Not just one but lots. Like I can't eat wheat bread, no oats, no strawberries (I just threw that one in there b/c its something that I am also allergic, too), no noodles, no things that contain glutens and its in about everything!....or atleast it seems that way...

Its super annoying, I'm learning what I can, if you invite me to eat out with you or eat at your home, I'm REALLY sorry if we have to go through a run around till we find something I can have.

Other than that, life is pretty decent. Nothing on the dating scene...which is kinda is crazy busy. I got to meet the mayor of Provo, he was really nice! And I'm looking forward to having our (Utah's) House of Representative coming to my work's Annual BBQ this summer...he came last year with his wife and son and we get to have them over again this year because they enjoyed it so much..which is totally neat! I'm still in charge of my works BBQ and its a month away and I'm not quite ready yet....ewwk!

Well, other than that, I just got a cute new little nephew. He was born June 20th, 2009 weighing 5 lbs 1 oz. He was a month and 3 days early and is now home with his parents and big brother. He is learning how to breathe on his own and his name is Santiago, and its my sis Claudia's second boy. The oldest is 6 yoa and is SOO happy to be a big brother! I'm really excited to go meet my new little nephew for the 4th of July weekend! This is going to be a fun trip, that I just can't wait!

Oh, oh....speaking, well was speaking about marriage, so I'm talking to my nephew Fabian on the phone and he randomly asked me this:

Fabi: "Do you have a son?"
me: "no"
Fabi: "Do you have a daughter?"
me: "no"
Fabi: "Do you have a husband?"
me: "no, and I don't even have a boyfriend yet. Sad, huh?" (the question was not meant to be answered but the reply caught me off guard just as much as when he first asked me if I had any children)
Fabi: "Well, get a boyfriend already!!"

wow, such a demand from a little child. Kids say the darnest things! And they'll surprise ya,, nelly.
And my reply to that:
"I'm trying, sheesh, this getting a boyfriend is tough!"

(I guess I'm just not flirting enough)
So, these questions was asked, or "inspired" to be asked because my nephew just got a new little brother and wants a playmate...hint hint to me...( I don't know what to say to, I'm just leave it as is...)

Anywho, I think that sums up on my whereabouts. And fyi, I am still standing strong in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I love being a member and meeting more and more people. Life is wonderful! And I'm living the dream. Hope you are, too!