Friday, March 26, 2010

Gluten Intolerance!

So, as some people might know, I keep getting sick or have been sick for quite some time now. I'll tell you why...

And, I've asked my doctor's what in the world is going on with my body? I know I've been eating something that its making me sick and its a poison to my body. What is it? What is it called? And how can I stop it from happening again? I even asked them to do a test for Celiac's Disease because I've done some research and I have the same symptons as someone with Celiac's. And well, those came out negative, but I knew and still do know....I can't have pasta, pizza, cereals, wheat, oat....basically I can't have any Wheat, Barley, Rye or Oats. On a side note, I also can't have strawberries.

All those things I can't have that I just listed, yeah, its not good for me. Its a poison to my body. It kills my stomach and well, its not fun for me. =(

I had no idea what this thing was called for awhile and why I kept getting sick, and it was driving me crazy. I talked to my mom about it, well, I actually got in am arguement with my mom because she gave me grief saying that I just didn't like the food and to eat it anyway. I ended up telling her to leave me alone, and that she doesn't understand and its obvious that she wasn't trying to understand or help me to try to figure this out. I was so upset. I had to leave the room because the conversation was going from bad to worse. So, I quit explaining or seeking for help.

Well, ever since the symptom's came up, I kinda was watching one of my friend's diet because she has Celiac's Dz and but left it dwell in the back of my head for a while and mostly ignored it. But, then my sympton's were coming up again and more often and well...I started to get more desperate. So, I started to ask people if they knew more about Celiac's Dz. So, I've gotten some advice. And I've gotten some response. Not enough though. My symptom's keep getting worse. The more I expose my body to Gluten, the sicker I was getting. But I had no idea...

One day, I stumbled across this book (it was actually about 2-3 weeks ago) and I was reading it, everything I was reading made more sense to me. Heck with the doctor's and getting tested just to get medicine that make me worse and no correct answers to my questions! Heck with unnecessary medicine's! I want to be cured! And my only cure is to just stay away from gluten....which p.s. its in everything (not literally, but just about). I finally know what I CAN eat without making me sick. And boy, I am soo glad to have found my answer! Now is to read more of what I need to stay away from. Which also includes, staying away from most if not all restaurants. Which, I really don't mind. Anything to not be sick is good.

I like my new diet now. I don't mind not eating stuff I use to like. I prefer to feel better over being sick all of the time and taking unnecessary medication! It beats being sick!

In conclusion, no gluten for the rest of my life. Which I am a-ok with. Doctor's are still learning about people that have gluten intolerance and still trying to figure out why this is they get it and etc. I hope they find their answers soon.

P.S. If I ever go to your home, and we end up eating there please ask me what I can have. And becareful of cross contamination. I get sick when gluten free food touches food that has gluten. Sorry guys! =(