Tuesday, December 23, 2008


So, as I am visiting my family and friends. I realize that one of my friends little niece loves me a little too much.

Ok, what happens is that we are all watching a movie and I am sitting on the long coach with my friends little niece of 4 yrs of age. So, at first we are watching a family movie called Scrooge and she decide's that she at first lay down right next to me and give me directions as to what way she looked. If she looked forward she wanted to be tickled but then if she looked to the side to stop tickling her. It was really just plain silly but kids are silly. So I did just that tickle her when she was looking forward and then to the side I would stop. She was having a lot of fun. I kinda adapted her as my little niece. Well, at one point, she decided she was going to stand up on the couch and I was not at all paying attention to what she was doing and I was watching the movie. Well, while she was standing infront of me she decide's she would toot (aka-let out some gas). Of course, I didn't smell it at first but as soon as she said "hahaha, I farted." I noticed the smelly fragrance she had left me. To that my reply was...."hey, I don't like those smelly fragrances as gifts. They aren't very cool." She was laughing pretty hard covering her mouth of how she had thought she made something so funny. I'll admit I was laughing. It was silly, silly kids.

Her mom wasn't home to say anything but when she did get home I told her jokingly that her daughter needs to leave better presents to others. It was funny. The whole room of people were laughing because of what was said. She apologized embarrassed by what her daughter had done. I told her not to worry, this is not the first time this has happened. Remember, I have a small little nephew that does that always when its unexpected and he does it to anyone. Boys will be boys. Anyways, that was just what one funny thing that happened.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Let the Good Times Roll...

So, I went to work yesterday and something triggered a funny memory. I love it! And I found myself laughing to myself because of the funny memory that I had to get a book to chuckle so no one could tell what was going on..hehe...

I laugh even now because there is nothing that they can do about me sharing the moment of sheer joy!

So, my room mates and I were on the way to FHE (Family Home Evening) for a lesson on Christ and then the person that teaches the lesson then shares with us (their peers) their testimony. And well, it was starting to get late to arrive to FHE. And well, I was up front and my friend J was sitting in the back, we were all talking and everything was going great. Well, then we had barely miss the green light and my friend decides to make two rights to instead of waiting for the light to go straight. J and I, were thinking the same thing... "she's crazy" and "that was so illegal, man, she's lucky nobody (well not really nobody) but no one had notice what she had done!" So, me using exaggeration and trying not to bust out laughing said to her..."well, umm, I had no idea two rights make a straight." At this point, I'm struggling and J could see my point and just started laughing and well, we all just busted out laughing out loud so hard that when we arrived to our destination, we all were struggling to get out of the car.

Ok, so, its not as funny when you read it...its one of those you have to be there moments. But at any rate, she will never live it down...and she knows it. So, when we are all being serious and I can't always help myself I'll say something dumb...and I will use the line, "so, hmm, two rights make a straight," and its only when she's around and we can enjoy our moment of silliness.

At any rate, I was also thinking of my sweet little nephew. He is sooo proud to be my nephew, he keeps telling me when I am with him "you better show my picture to everyone." So, I will. Apparently he joined the vampire club awhile ago:

Well, while I was visiting my family, we my parents, my sis Claud and my nephew Fabian and I went to Kohl's and he was feeling like asking for toys...like most kids do...and well, he got the toy that he wanted of course. But what was funny was what he said, now where he had learn this? I have the slightest clue and it totally surprised me. When I would tell my nephew to do something he would reply with saying..."ok, mamacita, bonita, chiquita, senorita." And it was just so funny. I love that kid! His a fun little one. I enjoy being around kids, I become a little kid, I know I'm a kid at heart. So, at any rate, that's all I got.

Well, thank heaven's for families! They are amazing and fun to be around! I am sooo grateful for my family and for their love and for taking care of me! And for always just being sooo AMAZING! I LOVE THEM!


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sickness madness...

Well, here I am at home sick. I'm close to loosing my voice and I'm wishing I would be feeling healthy. My throat hurts when I cough, my nose is all congested and no matter how many times I blow my nose there is still guck in there and I'm still having sleeping. Everyday is a different story it seems. I was at work on Tuesday and I had the case of the sniffles, ya know the annoying one's that just won't go away...yup that was me. I come back on Wed. to work, oh, those sniffles were not budging...they were worse. I had gone to work both days on almost little or close to no sleep at all. Thur. comes around my body is aching...at that point I was feeling like I'm an OLD person, any movement hurt and dang, going up the stairs was a hassle. I still made myself move around of course, even after being lecture to get some rest 20 times....haha...I'm a stubborn child. Ok, then Frid, I also got lectured yet again to get some rest, I finally gave in and gave up. I slept probably a good 12 or 13 hrs.

Then Sat. comes around and I'm feeling pretty alright but still not the strength to look remotely nice so I go to my mentee's house in sweats and I also go do the laundry. Today, well, lets just say my stupid cause of the sniffles came to its fullest upon awakening and spitting out junk along with hard coughing and lots of pain from the throat area.

To say the least, I HATE being sick!! I HATE taking medication but I'm gonna take some so I can survive today at church. This should be interesting.

Besides all that crazyness, that's pretty much how lame-o my week has been. I wish I had something better to report.

Well, actually I might just have one or two things or a few. I got to go see my family for Thanksgiving and well, it was a LOT of fun! It was nice to see my nephew again, my mom and dad, some of the siblings and everyone else.

My nephew is one of the cutest kid on earth, and I know I'm being his auntie and most aunt say that their nieces and nephews are the cutest kids on earth but whatever, my nephew is sooo cute! I have some pictures that I will add of him being silly. Well, I hope you have a wonderful day!

I know, I'm gonna try to.

Love ya-

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sad news...

So, today is a little gloomy, well, no, most likely really gloomy for a family belonging to a young gal in my ward and for her close friends and not only them but the lives she had touched with her smile and kindness.

I just realized today whom everyone was talking about today as I was reading UVU Obituaries news. Last Sunday, I saw this gal and she was all smiles and so happy. All of the sudden she died a tragic death from an accident, a car accident and died from as far as I know from a head trauma. I had barely met her and well, lets just say that it hit home. I haven't had a close family member past away only one good guy friend. And well, this sucks. I hope that her family knows that their daughter is gonna be ok and Heavenly Father will take care of her as He is also taking care of us and give us comfort and showing His love to His children through His angels.

It suddenly all makes sense and its sad. But its also a time to rejoice because she is now reunited with Heavenly Father and her extended family that have past on either several years ago or not that long ago. This is when the Plan of Salvation is something that comes in handy. I wish to send her family my condolence.

And to think she was going to be our musical number this Sunday. She will always be remembered. God bless her and her family. I send my love and hugs to them.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Apparently I'm an easy mover. Well, I like to be. Its easier to get things out of the house and well, there's not much that you have to move for me other than boxes. But I do know this, next time I move, I will have a big bed that will need to be moved, a dresser or two, a desk and maybe a lot more dishes and kitchen ware because I moved a place where we don't have a lot of stuff and also i have an unfurnished room. I've also learned how to pack and move since I moved like 6 times in the last 2 yrs. Crazy! I know.

But its' all good. I'm really grateful that I have AMAZING friends. Whether they be here in Utah or in what I will always call home California! Some of my guy friends and some girl friends from my Ward, well one chic I had just met not that long ago, came over and helped me move. It all toke an hr to get me mostly out of the house. The actual getting everything out of the boxes and making my new room looking like a room always takes longer and the packing as well when you have a full time job and you take two classes for two nights a week with LOADS of homework, which I need to start doing right now....eewwk!

I live in a beautiful town house. Its a nice quiet neighborhood and I have made friends with my new room mates. I am currently making friends at my new ward and getting to know as many people as I can. And also trying to find some new peeps to hang out with. I've established good grounds here and I can't wait to getting to know more people around here and the city. Its a small city but its good. I have taken some pretty awesome pictures that I will be adding a lot on my blog because its beautiful scenery.

I was up at Spanish Fork area or maybe some other city, yeah, I can't remember anymore, but at any rate it was a beautiful day and the area was mostly farm land and I saw some two beautiful horses, they came up to my car and I was really tempted to pet them, unfortunately I didn't have a carrot to give them so I didn't but they came upto where I was in the fenced area and I toke pictures of them. I love animals! Horses are soo pretty. Well, I hope that you have a gorgeous day!

Love ya'll!! =)

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Ok, well, I let me face the facts right now. I'm losing my hearing. And, well, boy let me tell you it sucks! There are noise's I use to be able to heard really well, like high pitch sounds and little creeks and such. But now, I can't hear them anymore well maybe a little but for the most part I have a hard time figuring out what it was making the noise. It scares me. I am gonna be making an appointment with an audiologist so they can tell me; what in the hey is happening to my hearing? Now, I am not just saying, "I'm losing my hearing" because I want to but its because its t-r-u-e>> TRUE. I notice that more and more I have been saying "What?"... "No tell me."... "what did you say?" ..."seriously, tell me!!"...."Dang it, I can't hear! So, tell me already and I'll stop bugging the heck out of you. Sheesh." I have been throwing tantrums because I can't hear what people say sometimes, and when they talk to me sometimes I have to really try to hear what's being said to me and I try to get closer to the person but without any avail. It bother's me so much that I can't hear some noises or hear what people try to say to me in a whisper and that I keep having to say "what?" and then, I have to try EXTRA hard to listen to what is being said.

I guess its a good thing that I am majoring in Sign Language and that I would like to be an Interpreter... and hopefully it won't be me needing an interpreter. I guess, I really haven't thought about it all that much. I mean, I did bring it up to my mom's attention and she just told me that to not lose my hearing so in response I said, "I'll try not to, mom. I'll try not to." I was very sad when I said that. I think it will be a sadder day when I actually get results but it will be good that at least I know what is going on with my hearing. I don't want to have to get a hearing aid but I might need one. I need to bring this problem to my family about my hearing, I want them to know what is going on because to be honest I would love to still be able to communicate with my family. And I hope that they will be willing to learn sign language if I lose my hearing completely.

I pray that it doesn't happen. I also pray that I will become better at Sign Language just in case, its a great back up plan. Please pray that I can find the right help I need. Thanks. =)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Maybe a little awkward???

Ok, so I was totally remembering my last week class. Last week, I was at my Human Psych Class and I am just sitting there and minding my own business, along with writing my notes. Well, as I am sitting there, the gal sitting to the right of me farted! I gasped quietly, not knowing what to say or do. I couldn't leave because then it would be obvious that I had heard her fart in class and what was on my left side was the wall, so it was me inbetween the wall and some chick, whom I do not know her name.

I had a hard time not laughing over the matter. But, I guess sometimes you got to let it go. Hmm... and you know what's worse, she really tried to cover herself but it did her no good. Hahaha...so yeah, that was my last Thur. night class experience... Do you have any interesting stories? Please tell me...


P.S. Fart is probably not an appropiate word but that was all I can think of...my bad.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Feeling loved....=)

by my sweet nephew!

I love that kid. His my proud little nephew and 5 yrs of age. His the sweetest kid ever, with a HUGE heart! I miss him a lot.

He called me twice yesterday! And let me tell ya, thats a first. He called me to let me know that
"its ALREADY Thanksgiving, and I have been waiting all this time to see you!!!"

I was in the middle of baking and I hear the phone go off, I wasn't expecting a call and my phone rang. I didn't answer because I was trying to finish making Confetti Cake as quickly as I could. Well, I finished and quickly checked who had called me...at first I thought, maybe its my Visiting Teacher's calling me or my mom. Nope, it wasn't, my nephew figured out how to get to the contacts from my sis's phone (his mama, which I'm not surprised that he figured it out on her cell phone, his a SMART kid) and then he gave me a call. Actually two calls. And I somehow missed both. I know why I missed one but not the other.

So, I called back and he starting saying, "hello," and i recognized his voice instantly and said "Hi!" I was SOOO excited to hear my sweet nephew's voice. And then, he went ahead and went straight to business. "When are you coming?" .."well, sweetie, I will be there for Thanksgiving." Fabi..."its been awhile, I haven't seen you, you haven't come and visited me. Its been a long time!" I responded..."I know I am sorry. But I promise I will be there for Thanksgiving." He said without skipping a beat.."But its ALREADY Thanksgiving, come now, come see me!" "But its not Thanksgiving yet, that won't be until three more weeks." My nephew.."But it is! I haven't seen you, I want you to come now and I am waiting for you. I'm still waiting for my Spiderman, too." When he said that, I had my u-huh moment, I forgot about that, woops! So, I respond... "Oh, yeah, I will still get you one, not to worry. I will come visit you, just wait a little bit longer, I will come and so will your toy." My nephew said quickly... "I'm gonna go tell my mom so she can come and get you, so you can be here with me!" My only respond, "ok, you do that. Good luck." Him.."ok. I love you." "I love you, too. Bye-bye." "Bye."

It was soo sweet to talk to him, his such a hoot. He makes me laugh soo hard. And his such a tease, he loves to be silly and joke around (just like his dad) and his LOADS of fun. I can't wait to see him! Well, I just wanted to say, I miss my sweet little nephew! And I can't wait to see him! Its gonna be LOADS of fun!!! =)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Its a beautiful day...

Today, has been a slow Sunday. Not that, that's a bad thing...because really its not. I wish my weekend would be longer though. This week, I have to work on my work's Halloween Party, something that I am in charged off and still learning to manage (learning to manage how to prepare party's...and big parties at that).

To be honest, its a hard thing to do. I can only imagine how much work is involved for a wedding...most likely, a lot more than what I am doing for a small Halloween Party. Tomorrow I make announcements and I assign jobs. Tomorrow I go shopping and maybe ask some of my co-worker's to do some shopping as well because I still have a lot I have to catch up to do since I haven't been at work for more than two weeks. Man, it sucks being sick.

Well, at any rate, I don't really have a lot to say, I mean I really could say a lot but its better that I don't because it would be about me complaining and who really wants to hear that?? No one. But today is an absolutely a gorgeous day here at the park with the color's of the tree's changing to beautiful orange, reds and yellows. You can tell its Fall.

But now, I will leave of with this thought from a video I watched at my work conference which stands true to a lot of people I know....

"I don't want to be normal. I just want a chance to shine."
-said from a young lady, whose name will be withheld.

Have a wonderful day!

Love ya all!!

me =)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Getting Kicked out of a Bar

.....for drinking water.

Yup, that happened to me. You might be wondering why in the world I was at a bar....hmmm...

Well, this weekend I was at Las Vegas, Nevada for my work Conference. It was amazing the things that were presented. I loved that I got to go. Also, I never eat at fancy restaurants and I got fed real well with a 3 course meal. The presentation was good. I guess, you can say, I live the simple life. I mean, I'm just not use to going all out and eat at fancy restaurants. Of course, I only drank milk, water or juice but mostly water. Water has become my new favorite drink, its good, healthy and it hydrates your body.

Oh, yeah, I apologize now for jumping from subject to another, my brain just work's that way, I mean at the very least, I get out what I want to say....

So, I was minding my business and just studying in my room on Sunday Night. I was sad because I missed Church and most of all Sacrament Meeting. I love partaking of Sacrament meeting, it is the day of rest AND the day I can go and re-new my covenants with my Heavenly Father. At any rate, I was wishing I could go home... (as in Utah home....) and I was wishing I had some friends at my hotel and that I new people's number that live in Vegas but I course I couldn't find them. Sad dayz.

Well, as I was pondering and throwing myself a pity party, my Supervisor and other co-worker came into the room and pointed out that I had to go with them and dance. Quite honestly, I wasn't in the mood to dance or to argue so I just got myself ready because when they had entered I was in my pj's. Well, I was not looking forward to whatever comes next.

We went to Bally's club thing and they had a group performing singing all sorts of good songs but I was not in the mood for it yet again. I just wanted my alone time, since I have been with other's for far too long without R & R time.

My supervisor kept beckoning me to dance, she was ready to get her groove on but I told her no, she could go. I know that she really wanted to dance but she wasn't going if I wasn't going to go. I gave in and danced, mostly just swayed from left to right, and watch some ladies get giggy with it.

At any rate, yeah, it was fun watching other people dance but I really truly did not want to be there. So, while we were there, I watched people dance and pretend to enjoy myself when really I was dying to go back to the hotel room. Finally, the lady asked us to leave.

Now, keep in mind, my co-workers ordered me water and themselves. I was there only because I just wasn't in the mood to argue because regardless of whatever I would do to get myself from not going, I knew I wouldn't succeed. And yes, one of my co-workers got her groove on. She pretty much REALLY enjoyed herself...while I was trying to learn how to country line dance....didn't work so well for me.

But, I guess it was fun. I think though for me, was funny that we got kicked out for not drinking alcoholic beverages. Those beverages are gross and if I had been more bolder at the moment, I would have gotten myself kicked out sooner so I wouldn't have to be there. Now what do I mean by getting myself kicked out sooner, well...just leave the place quickly. The lady, that kept trying to talk to me about getting something to drink and who knows whatelse, I had a hard time understanding her. Coveniently, my sign language kicked in and I was asking in Sign Language what was she asking and then, my final attempt, was I pointed to my co-worker so she can talk to her.

Now, I am SOO glad I know some sign language, but I need to get better at it. It helps when you really don't want to talk to people like at the club.

And even though, all that transpired, I was still wanting to go back home...to Utah. Monday was a long day. But, it helped that my mom made it easy for me to talk to her as long as I wanted. I needed it. It gets boring staying with your co-workers all day sometimes, I'm sorry to say.

What also helped is that, I finally got myself sucked into a book. Because of time and schedule, I would have been done with this book quickly but I am not. I'm so intrigued and can't wait to finish it. The book is "Twilight" and darn it, its good.

Well, I can't write any more, its time for me to get ready for work. Have a nice day!

Love ya,
me... :)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Breaking In....

....to my own house!

Well, today, I woke up sick and weak. The smell from the mold thing has been getting stronger and I am pretty sure its affecting my health. Because I have been getting sick way too much this year and truth be told, I HATE being sick!!! Yuck!

Well, since I have been home pretty much all day, I was inbetween looking for a place to live and texting my friend from home since she has not enough minutes to chat. Well, I noticed that something was wrong with the sprinkler because it was spouting out like a lot of water. And now our small garden is flooded and I have nothing to take out the water. Mind you, I am wearing nothing but my pj's and no shoes and well, yeah, I had woken up not that long ago and had been in my pj's because of course being that I was sick, I wasn't about to hoop in the shower and change to something nice, I just wanted to be comfortable, at any rate, the floor of the patio is flippen cold!!!

Well, I go outside, completely forgetting that once you shut the door and don't unlock the door, your locked out!

Well, my smart self, shut the door, forgetting to unlock the door, my cell phone and keys! I finally realized what I had done. Nice move V, nice move! Was going through my head and, now what? Well, I started to walk to where our cars park very close to our garage and was looking at the windows. Instantly, I think, I hope I can break into my own house, this just keeps getting interesting by the second.

So, I go back to the backyard feeling the cold through my feet and body beginning to get the chills, still wondering, how in the heck am I getting in?!?

I finally re-adjusted some things and climbed a bench and the window was luckily unlocked and I climbed in and I kept hoping I wouldn't fall inside the house while climbing in. Finally, I entered successfully. The bench from the kitchen wasn't too far from the window which made it easier but still shaky, but I was luckily able to pull it a bit closer with my feet. The scary part was getting on the bench because its holds the fort by one thing of wood on one end and another on the other end, if you step on it wrong, your likely to hurt yourself and fall. So, somehow, Heavenly Father answered two prayers at once, I can get into the house and I didn't hurt myself while climbing in.

And ya know, I had no idea someone could have let me in if I had asked, but nope, I didn't ask for help instead, well, at least not from the neighbor's or anyone, I asked in prayer for help and I got an answer. And there was no way in heck I was going over to anyone's home to ask for help or to let me in, I look ridiculous enough as it was and my feeling sick doesn't help because I don't want to be contagious, that would be bad news. Well, so, thats my sad but kinda funny story for the day.

Later! :)

Monday, September 29, 2008

I didn't do it!!!

*pay attention to what is saids on the white sticker.

So, I was work today and I am soo glad that I am feeling TONS better! Yesterday was the first day in four days that I was actually able to enjoy eating! I had a stomach flu...I think anyway or something like that. And during the time I wasn't at work or hanging out with anyone which really, I didn't see anyone during that time...thank pete because really, who wants to get sick? Not I!! But at any rate, while I was staying home; I watched 7 movies that most of them I had not seen before... ( I had a lot of time on my hands) and taking meds...yuck, was just about all I could do and I missed three days of work...yuck again. I hate missing work.

Anywho, I went to work today and I am really clumsy sometimes. Ok, j/k, let me rephrase that, I am clumsy!...LOL. So, I was just about to leave the office and I was getting out of my chair to leave. Well, low and behold, the phone cord somehow managed to get stuck on me and hit the floor with a BANG!...mind you I share the space with my co-worker in a small office inside the office bldg (if that makes sense and I already established letting people know that my english can be not so great sometime), and I said because she had looked at me and before she said anything, I said, "You didn't hear anything." and I made sure everything looked good. She gave me a look of some concern and asked "what happened?" and I quickly responded with a smile and shrugged my should..."Oh, nothing." as camly as I could and trying to keep a straight face and she just laughed a little and went on back to work.

I guess, seriously, Monday's and Fridays are my clumsiest days ever. It was soo funny, at least to me it was.

And Sunday was a lot of fun! I am soo glad to have such great friends and home-teachers! They are A-MAZING! So, I just wanted to share my happy thoughts for today. Have a rocking awesome day!

Love ya-

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So, here I am sick at home. The executive director at work ask me if I was feeling alright...and well, I kept saying, I think so but really its not just I think so its more like, I know so. My co-workers were also saying the same thing to me. Well, now that I have been home for the last, oh I don't know...six hours...I'm starting to feel pretty crummy.

Well, I know when my friends read this, they say I'm pretty out there and I don't stay on one subject. Well, I apologize, I'm ADD and I can't keep focus on one thing, I always try but I have a hard time. People don't understand, someone said is that you don't try hard enough or that you just don't want to. Actually, thats not true and not even the case. I felt offended when they said that to me. Honestly, I do try but I can't. My mind just doesn't work that way and you know what, I've always been that way. I mean, I always finish my task and I always shot for the stars. I mean, I don't always get what I hope for but whose to say that I am any better than anyone else, no-one. I don't think of myself better than anyone. I am just a student working her butt off to get her education and also trying to make a living.

I sometimes wonder what people think of me but sometimes I try not to think about it because some people's thought about me is better left unsaid. I don't understand the world and why its so corrupt. I wonder why people aren't willing to try something different, to live a little. I actually often wonder a lot about a lot of things. Its too bad that some people just don't understand.

I honestly enjoy living life and doing my own thing but I also really enjoy spending time with the people I care the most. You know the only reason I am sick is because I forget about myself a lot and my needs and tend to help others more than anything else. I enjoy helping those around me, its one of my favorite hobbies. But sometimes, you have to realize when to give too much is enough and pay attention to yourself or else you can wear yourself down and can get yourself sick. What it comes down to is its time for me to take care of myself and by taking care of myself I need to relax and just be a bum atleast for a day.

Well, moving on to the next thing, I actually dont have anything good to say. Nothing bad either, just nothing period. Well, I'm gonna go. Night.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Food for Thought...

Well, hello, I have been home for the last two hours and all I have done is hear music, clean, dance while cleaning, cook and well, thats it. Its been sooo boring here at home! I hate that I don't have any family around but then when I go home, I realize why I am not living there any more. Sad, huh?

Well, I have been getting home sick, which always happens when you haven't been back where your most comfortable and around the people you love the most. You don't realize what you got until its gone. And when its gone, you work that much more harder to get it back or to go back. My family, my awesome little nephew is back home along with my two best friends and I miss them a lot.

I know, that I enjoy being with some of the people back home (here in Utah) but people in my ward really haven't tried to get to know me. They are good people, don't get me wrong but its soo lame being here when people don't even try, its almost a waist of time. I like being myself but sometimes I can't and I end up being super quiet and don't act like I normally with my best friends or family because some people just aren't open to different such as being loud and doing things at the sper of the moment, being spontanious and just living the dream! They seem to be too stuck in their comfort zone that different is too much for them. I guess, well you can, I am stuck in "the happy valley's bubble" which sucks. I mean people seriously, is being stuck in your bubble is that really exciting? Seriously, live a little. People are too afraid for to change, get a change of pace, new scenary. I guess, you can say I am just too fustrated with somethings. I miss my California. I miss my family, my friends, my nice weather, my everything I left behind and yet I am suppose to be here, there is more work to be do here and more growing and I pressume I will learn those things that I need to learn as the time comes and I am prepared to. I sometimes just want to cry though but I don't because well, I am not going to talk about why I just don't.

When I was in California, I explained to my two dear friends that I felt welcomed being home, when I heard the lady yelling at the passenger, "don't you go putting your stuff in my spot! Its the driver's spot!" It was hilarious! I along with some other passengers started laughing because really thats LA for ya. And no, we weren't laughing because the poor gentleman did that but more because it made me realize what I haven't seen or heard for a while. And the gentleman, the poor man, was still left confused all he wanted to do is sit down and go to his home.

Ok, I know I jump around a lot but its because that is how my mind works. And really there's not much I can do about it, its my ADD, I'm jumpy in a way that I have a hard time thinking straight but I get things done...

So, moving on to another story, It was funny yet so adorable that my nephew came upto me when I finally made my arrival to my sister Cloud's home, he was just SOOO excited to see his Auntie and say.."Where were you? I was even yelling out your name because I miss you!!!" Aww, it felt sooo good to see my cutie pie! His just soo adorable!

Well, I of course started to take pictures of my family. And well, my nephew made sure that I put up his picture and let the world know that he is my PROUD little nephew and he specifically told me to put this one up and show everyone whom he is: His the families amazing little spongebob square pants!*

I have to admit, I was laughing pretty hard when I saw him wear this. It made my day, it goes to show how little things may be and how sweet kids are and what a great roll they play in our lives on a daily basis. I had a lot of fun seeing my family and even the annoying ones. haha...j/k. I still love them, I love everyone in my family all the same.

I love that my family is from El Salvador and that they are just soo awesome!

Anywho, I toke pictures of my sister, she is soo funny, we always make funny faces to each other to make each other laugh; it calls for good times. We always laugh at the silly things we have done in life and talk about our past and what we did and how we got away with some stuff.
Its so funny how things are and how things work and work out to be. Being at home made me feel good, I got rejuvenated. It was always to see the pictures of my sweet grandparents. I toke a picture of them, a picture of a picture...
they are the most cutest couple ever. So loving and generous. I pray to be such a great example as they have been to me.

Even, within my fustrations, I have to remember that things will work out. Its not easy to do, by any means. Today has been a really great day. I would like it to stay that way or even get better! I love having good days. I love being able to reminisce about the silly things in life and some pretty great embarrassing moments that happen either with friends or family and sometimes even perfect strangers.

I did take lots of pictures of Cali and some of my favorite people too. But I should go, my knee is being a stinker and I am having shooting pains. That all has to do with learning how to roller blade...thats another story for another day.

Have a great day! =)

Monday, September 8, 2008

The....."to be continue..."

Well, Like I was saying yesterday. It was a crazy day, more like crazy busy. I had an interesting chat with one of my room-mates that FINALLY toke place. I was having a hard time with the subject and well, everything, thank goodness, is still going ok!

I had a lot of crazy things has just happened and well, I can't remember what I was going to say any longer.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

So, its finally Sunday. And we have Stake Conference in my stake. We are going to the Marriott Center and hear some wonderful people talk. I am tired and cold cause the house is and I am ready for a nice warm bed. But I have tons to do today, like Nutrition and Spanish homework.

Life has been pretty much really crazy for me here in Utah. I haven't had the best month or summer, to say the least. I am tired of the same old story and the same crap the goes on. Some people just don't get it and others that just need to leave me a lone. I guess, its all the same. I know that because for some reason or another I am still able to go through this week with the help of my Saviour! Which, to be honest has been incredible nice!

...to be continued...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

My uncle, the escape artist...

well, he tried....

So, anyway,I have been struggling this week. The reason why is because I have an uncle that right now is in the hospital and that my family, atleast my mom has anyways been keeping me updated about how he is doing and his conditions. And well, he just had an surgery done last week and he still hasn't woken up. But an improvement, he has made some movements not much but a few. My mom was told that they were going to move him into another room so they can observe him. I hope that he wakes up from his surgery and that he doesn't have any complications for not waking up.

I have to admit, I don't know my uncle very well and he comes from my dad's side of the family. What that means is, I honestly don't know how my dad's side of the family is related to me or who they are because they have never spoken about due to somethings that has happened and we don't agree to. In my mom side of the family, however, I have heard names of different individuals and seen pictures and I don't know them but I know my mom's side of the family are much more forgiving, loving and genuine than my dad's since past experience.

I don't know what type of person my uncle is (he is I guess, my great uncle, he is my grandma's brother...so yeah). Well, the times that I have associated with him has been neat. He always has a funny story to share and seriously, you must expect the unexpected from him because he'll say stuff and like, all you can do is laugh because its silly. Well, my uncle, when I last visited him, he pretty much flat out said and I'm not quoting him correctly, but he said... "Ok, so here's the plan, I am going to escape because I don't like this place. Well, you guys got to help me plan my escape, I mean this is the only way I can leave this place, this is serious business." It was soo funny that he said that, he made me think of Second Hand Lion when one of the Uncle's is in the hospital and only this fella, got out and didn't have an escape plan, instead this uncle of the boy, threw stuff and pointed at both his brother and nephew angrily and said "You." and they both know him well, so they just nooded no. And it was just so funny that he left the hospital. My uncle on the other hand actually had a plan but wanted to elaborate on it.

And,ok, you know, I am not saying that he will pass on. I am not saying that at all but I don't know what will happen and I don't know if he will wake up from his surgery, I am hundred's of miles away so I just can't go over on any day to go visit my uncle. I had just found out that he was getting a surgery the day I went to visit him, so of course that toke me by surprise and I visited him, it was good to see him again but it was sad to see that he had to be there. But I know that from the past, he has had health problems. And I know that he has worked on cars and actually come to think of it, and this is just from what I have been told, here is my poor little old uncle trying to make a living by fixing other people's cars and jipping them of/over pricing them and really not knowing if the darn thing was actually going to work. Which, yes, I will admit was not a good thing. But I thought it was funny, mostly because people still kept coming back and asking him to fix their vehicle even though they would rant and rave of how a horrible job he did before. So, it was silly.

I don't know. When I went to go see him and I had decided to take a picture of him. I had felt this would be my last time seeing him, now I don't know if that means for a loooonnggg time because who knows when I will go back to California to visit family or really I don't know. But that feeling made me feel sad and it kind of made me feel empty and not ready to have someone in my family to pass on.

So this week, I have been questioning myself a lot of how much do I know about the Plan of Salvation? How much do I know about the Plan of Happiness? How much do I know about being sealed to families? Having a family for time and all eternity? To be reunited with them some day and to rejoice with them? And many more other questions. The answer to just about all of them is, not enough. I need to learn more. And I wonder, maybe the missionaries can come teach me again. Just for me to relearn those things. Or maybe it would be better if I can take some time and actually just sit down read about those things so I can be better prepared.

Right now, it seems as though I have a lot of questions in my life and I need answers and I need to do some soul searching to find those answers. I need to myself down and teach myself things that I never thought I had questions too. I have lost a loved one, that would be my granp's Ernesto, he was close to me when I was a little girl. And it was hard to know that he was no longer going to be there to take care of me and play games or to color the easter eggs. It was tough to be at his funeral, somebody had to hold me down because it was too difficult. That was years and years ago, I was only 5 years old or about close to that age.

I know that now though, when I do lose someone that I love, it would be good to be prepared but honestly you can never be prepared to lose a loved one and its still difficult to know that when those people you know and love soo much, when they are gone and you can no longer call them to say hello, to joke around with, to be playful, to share embarrassing stories with, or to be there to give you a hug when you need one. I guess, what I am saying. I don't want to have to go through that because of the pain that comes with that. And, I have lost close (not best friends but close) friends. And it was sad and I would say to myself it isn't true and then ended up finding an article and I ended up crying, only to remember that I will get to see them again in the next life and its going to be ok. So, I do know about the Plan of Happiness, the Plan of Salvation is just too many things are on my mind. And if I keep writing, I will just take too long. Its actually time for me to go, but I hope this made sense. Cause I don't know if it did. But I hope you have a wonderful day! And remember He will always be there, that would be Jesus the Christ, our Savior and Elder brother. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hurricane Katrina Part II or...

Something like that... Well, my room has now become the most smelliest room ever!! Its smells like mold! And not the good kind too. Unfortunately, someone accidentally hit one of the sprinklers while mowing the lawn and because of that, I have water damage in my room. The same thing happened last year. I don't know why it keeps happening and I am sure this can be avoided if we knew which sprinkler keeps getting moved the wrong way to stop this nonsense. Of course, now I am stuck sleeping in the living room. I actually have been a week before I went to go pay my parents a surprise visit. That week of leaving I had taken my bed out of the room, it was like Aug. the 6th, I think, that I had moved my bed. And I told the one room mate that is in charge of talking to our Landlord. Of course, no body did anything at that time because it wasn't that bad well they made a phone call but it hasn't been returned. It was getting smelly in my room because of the water that soaked up the carpet and kind of a wet wall too on the west side of the house, so now, the first Sunday that I got back from visiting my family... I find my carpet soak n' wet. Yeah, pretty much the grossest thing in the world. So, now I am stuck with this smelly carpet and a protest to mow the lawn from the one room mate that's "in charge." Its pretty pathetic.

Sorry to bust anyone's bubble, but this REALLY SUCKS!! I mean, what is a girl to do? Pray, and pray hard! So, I haven't heard any news yet to see what will happen to the darn carpet or how we are going to get this damaged fixed. Still no one really knows what sprinkler is making this thing such a big ordeal and a smelly house. I hope that at some point they will take the carpet out because our house stinks and its getting smellier by the day. And that can get us sick, truth be told, I would hate for all of us to get really sick from this stuff.

So, this is the most awful way to come home to now a non-existent room. I now made my space in the downstairs living room of the house and it sucks cause, we can't really have guest down there due to my belongings being there. Not totally messy. But, my belongings are still in the way. And I hate that, I really don't have a room. Like there is no privacy downstairs at all! And well, I keep thinking I should move anyways. I hate that this is happening. And I wish for something good to come along from this. I finally got my loan stuff figured out, that toke long enough and now is my room. Seriously, if its not thing its another. I guess, one thing to look foward too is now I can take some classes at UVU and work a second job. That means, me being TOTALLY busy. But that's life.

I know, I'm complaining but seriously, ggggooosh. Sometimes when it rains, it pours. And sometimes, like it saids in the saying...

"Sometimes God calms the storm...Sometimes He lets the storm rage and calms his child."

Well, now all I want to say, is that I hope something good comes out of this. I am so glad I got to see my mom and dad. I miss them dearly! And I am soo far away from them and the rest of my family. Let me say that its hard to live away from the people you love the most. Its even harder when you have your friends raging about being able to see their family because they live down the street from them but they don't for you. And when you feel like your not in your comfort zone and all you want to see is some familiar faces; you can't because those familiar faces are back home, they are also your closest friends that you love to be around so much.

I will admit, Heavenly Father has given me the strength to be here on my own and to live the gospel in such a way that I can be blessed. Not only that, he has given me such wonderful gifts and wonderful people to be around. Its not the same as being back home but its a new way of living until Heavenly Father guides me to the next step, the next chapter in my life. I know He is always there even though its difficult to see at times but He is always leading me to the Straight and Narrow Path. I pray that He will continue to bless me, that He will continue to guide me and help me. I also pray that He will bless my family and help them and let them learn that He loves them. I say this is His Sacred Name, Jesus the Christ. Amen.



"God Will Always Be There"

A beautiful sunset is a
beautiful sight reminding us
all of God's wondrous light.
The day soon to be over with a
new day to begin as the soft
light of daybreak reminds us
again. God never left us,
he watches with care. And as
the new day begins he
will always be there.

Sharon B.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Moving on...

Well, I just got home about 12 hrs ago from California. And I have to say, it gets harder to leave the one's you love the most. I came home, to a realization, I have a lot I need to get done here where I am currently living. And I have to push myself to get things done faster because there is no other way things well get accomplished. My goal now is to work on my goals. Stop procrastinating! Procrastination, is such a horrible thing to do, it pulls you back and makes you fall back where sometimes you get yourself into a whole that is difficult to get out. Today is the day to stop that. I have a lot on my mind and a lot to work on.

I have to admit, I enjoyed spending time with my parents, nephew and crazy niece. I enjoyed going to Kareoke and missed out on the beach but that will have to wait for next time. I love that I have a great support system, great friends and just great people. Heavenly Father knows exactly when to put people in front of us and when we need them the most. He has a funny way of showing His love for His children here on earth. He knows us well and sometimes laughs when we are acting incredible silly, sometimes I bet, He wonder's why do we do the things we do? much like our parents would ask themselves those question's.

I am greatful to live in a beautiful earth with kind parents. I am greatful to have the opportunity to travel and to see gorgeous sites. I am greatful for a wonderful Heavenly Father who cares and loves me. I am greatful for the life I get to live and the things I am able to do. I am greatful for it all. And I say this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

love- me

Sunday, July 27, 2008


So, I'm a dork. My room mate told us to PLZ eat this food that she had from some place that she ate yesterday. And I gladly toke a bite yesterday and I'm not gonna lie, it was good, too good infact, I couldn't eat anymore. Why? Well, let me just tell you, it was spicy! Me and spicy foods do not get along. You see, spicy foods and I, aren't friends. And I had to quickly find a piece of bread to simmer down the flames of fiery.
Well, today, I did the smart thing and had some of that same food I had yesterday that made my mouth breath fire. Yeah, that was smart. I went for the tortilla, nnnnope, and found bread and that calmed down the dragon in me. You see, I was thinking, well, maybe I need to get myself use to eating spicy foods. And it would be good if I start now. Ya know, its all good. I can do this....Well, of-course, that didn't work. You kidding me, only for like a second and then I changed the food to a quesadilla. Although, quesadilla's in El Salvador are different than the Mexican Quesadilla and sooo much more better.

At any rate, that was my two interesting thing that happened today and well, partly yesterday.

I did, however, really enjoyed what was talked about in church today. I also really enjoyed the stories that were told. They were definetly inspired with the spirit strongly, so I can hear those words. I needed to hear all that was said. Thanks to the loving people in my ward and for abiding with the spirit to speak and touch on subjects of things, that I personally needed to hear.

I am also very greatful for the beauty of the earth. And to able to watch a lighting/thunderstorm yesterday. It was gorgeous. I love that I get to live here on earth and experience some marbleless things. I am soo grateful to have an opportunity to live in the gospel and know of the truths. I am greatful for how the Lord blesses us. And how He truey works in mysterious ways. And I say that in the name of Jesus the Christ. Amen.
Love ya all,

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Thinking out loud

Well, today has been a great day. I received news that I can work tomorrow which makes me happy. Weird, I know. But I like my job and I really don't mind being there. I have been doing quite a bit of learning. Its been quite the experience there. Always something funky going on at work, never a dull moment.
So, I was thinking. I hate it when people judge you right away. Its annoying. I mean, ok, you don't get to chose who you are gonna grow up with and what you kind of a life you'll get to have. There is a plan for each and everyone of us and each one is unique and different in their own way. Which is great, because to be honest I wouldn't want mines to be the exact same as the next person. I wouldn't be able to learn and grow from those life experiences that you are suppose to learn and grow.
I was talking to my mom and dad on the phone the other day...and well, I unsuccessfully tried to get them to come visit me in the state that I am currently living at. But my mom, saids its too much of a drive so I told her, well, go on a airplane, its faster...I still got a negative on that one...so much for trying....tisk tisk...
Well, I finally said, well, if you go to Vegas I'll meet you there, its half way for the both of us and I have been wanting to go for awhile, so when do you want to meet there? My mom was please with the idea. I remember going there a lot as a kid and watching loads of free shows, arcade games, window shopping, talking to people, rides and all that jazz. It was a lot of fun when I went, I kept myself really well entertained and really busy. I love just walking around town. Its nice, I mean when you have someone with you anyway. Because some people they are just plain creepy and I love being with family as well as friends!
So, I was telling a friend about going...and really, I wish I hadn't. They made a judgement based on my decision of going to Vegas. Its a bunch of crap what I was told. I was pretty close to just walking away from the room. You know what, its lame what she was telling me. Ya so what, I didn't grow up being a member of the church. Somedays, yes, where harder than others. But, the hell with it, I try to remember all the happy moments because those are the moments that I want to take with me forever!!
I love my family soo much. And they are my number one! They always come first to me, not friends family does. I actually was having a conversation with my crazy niece earlier and we were both reminiscing about the good old days and how dumb we were. It was pretty funny of some of the things we have done. But you know, some people change and some people never do and if they do its not always early on in their life right after high school.
I wish everyone would just be ok with meeting new people and fine with getting to know others without caring ..."Oh, they might be judge me."

Monday, June 23, 2008

Pure sillyness...

So, today in my Human Life Span Psychology Class, we were talking about the different stages of life that you get too experience. And well, I totally started thinking of things that I did that was just pure silly. A lot of those things are embarrassing story, that if you have spoken to my parents... especially my dad, they will tell you of all the stupid things that I have done that are well, pretty embarrassing... its the funniest thing ever. And you know, normally I won't share any but it brought a smile and a chuckle to me that I can't just hold it on, I must tell. Now, don't get me wrong embarrassing stories are fun to hear but I can't tell you all of them because that would be just plain embarrassing and I will have to go find a corner and think to myself....why? Why do i do this to myself? I don't understand... But I guess I will be doing that later.
So, first I have to say. I am the baby in my family. And well, my siblings are half siblings and my mom is married to my dad. ( I promise this ties into my story)... Well, since I am the baby and REALLY far apart in age with my siblings, (to give you an idea how far apart, my third oldest/youngest sibling is 7 yrs older than me but the oldest is 12 yrs older than me) . Well, I really wanted a younger sibling like you know maybe a baby brother or sister... more so a baby bro. Well, so I go upto my mom ( I can't remember the exact age I was, I'm gonna have to ask my mom), and well for some reason or other I somehow had the impression that if you eat a lot of food you can get pregnant. Well, now as you can tell and your probably are laughing your butt off. I asked my mom, well maybe more of a suggestion than a question.... here goes.... "Mom, you know, maybe if you eat more you can have another baby. That would be cool." Now, mind you I was pretty small and you know not very bright at the time. And because my mom, being my mom and trying not to get me upset for my not knowing how baby's are made, just said. "Ok, honey..." with a smirk on her face really badly wanting to laugh but can't cause I'm a innocent little child.
Well, so I later left and I still asked her to do the same thing as time passed and then I finally stopped asking my mommy dearest to have another child because my mom didn't want to have a 5th child, four was obviously enough for her, especially since we all drive her boonkers! And sometimes she'd wish she was invisible but she knows that its funny to watch us do the silly things that we do and sometimes still do and how we say some pretty strange out of this world stuff so, of course my mom decided its awesome to be a mom!! Specially when you get to tell the stories of all the dumb things that their kids get to do infront of them when they are older just to get them, you know a little red in the face...(you know embarrassed!!). Yeah, well, its good times. So, thats just one of many silly things I have done as a child. I think I like it and will call it my own...hehe...nerdy, i know but it takes one to know one..... I guess?!? hmm...well, I should go to bed. I am starting to get tired. So,ah, good night everyone! I hope you enjoyed my story cause I am sticking to it.

Love and peace,
me =)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday's Best.

Ok, so, to begin from my previous blog. There was actually two blogs that I wrote that are were nothing. And I erased them. Sorry.
Moving on, today has been a beautiful day. The sun shining bright and the blue skies, uh, breath taking. Specially the sun set from last night. That was beautiful. I love watching the sun set. Its really nice. Anyway, today at church...a lot of the lesson's that were giving were wonderful lesson filled with the Spirit ever so strongly. I love it when that happens. Its really nice. There is one thing that I miss about Sundays and that is spending time with my family. Sitting at the table and laughing of our silly moments that we have in life or the silly things that my nephew would say.
In fact, yesterday I spoke to my nephew and well, his such an adorable little one. He and I had a short and bittersweet conversation. Bittersweet?? Well, he like everytime I talk to him the first question that comes out of his mouth "why don't you come visit me?" It makes me feel so sad (bitter part...because I miss him so much) and (the sweet) "you can go to the bank, ask them for money." ...."Sorry, but they don't have any money"being my respond. Fabian (my nephew) well, why don't you go to the store?" ...me..."cause hun they are poor just like me." Fabian... "well go to the bank than." (soo cute, his so innocent) me "ok, I guess I will try them."
I love that kid soo much. His a doll. I wish he were here. But anyway, thats a little bit of the conversation that we had. Bittersweet.
My family is amazing, the church is wonderful and Heavenly Father divine. He works in marvelous ways and He knows how to touch our lives. I love being a member of this wonderful church that I am a member of. I enjoy life and I love how peaceful I am at this moment in time because I know my Saviour loves me and will take care of me.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Today I went to the Temple, however, the experience wasn't as great as it could have been. The events that happened last night was not the best. I wish they would have been but they really weren't. The sad part the company was not great at all and the conversations was the worst. I wish I could have made myself invisible. Does anyone ever have those feelings when things aren't going right? I mean, yeah, the people that you generally hang out with usually are awesome but other times, you just wish you were having yourself a good old time but with other people? Thats what happened last night. Normally its good to hang out with my friends but this time was not one of those times. So, anyway, I went to the Temple and it wasn't how it could have been, it could have been better but last nights event really really bothered me that, that it even affected my attendance at the Temple. Beforemy room mate and I went I told her that I would wait for her and that I may be outside so keep a look out because I knew she would take longer than me. So, I went to my car and was really trying to clear my mind and wanted to really badly calm my thoughts and not feel bothered anymore.
As I was in my car to get my cell phone (so I can call my family back home), my church music started playing and that started to help me not to think of anything and started to calm my thought process (I hope this makes sense to you cause it does to me). So I called my mom and I started talking to her and then I asked her if I could talk to my grandpa and I am seriously glad I spoke to my grandpa, he just knows how to make you feel happy again and he saids the right words to calm his kids down. My grandpa is like my dad only better because his just an amazing grandpa! My grandpa is a father of 12 kids and he knows what to say and when to say things at the right time to his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. His the cutest 82 yr old man ever. And sometimes you want to tell him to not go too crazy because he might hurt himself because his such a kid at heart. I love my grandpa!! I love my family too!
I am so glad I decided to call my family, they are awesome, they always help when I need it the most. I needed it today and I got the help that I needed without them knowing. Its calming to just hear a familiar voice and to know that, that familiar loving voice is your family member that cares for you so much. Its calming and its nice to have them because we can go through the rest of the day knowing that because their are wonderful people in our lives that love us. I wanna apologize for the last two or three blogs i wrote. They were worth nothing and were random thoughts that came to my mind. In fact, I will be erasing them because I don't like them.
But anyway, I AM glad for a Heavenly Father that cares and knows just what to do to give us comfort and who to direct us to. He knows exactly who we should call and who to talk to when we need a shoulder to lean on. I am glad for the precious moments that we get to enjoy. I love Him SOO very much! And I say these things in the name of Jesus the Christ. Amen.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Biology Class

So, today has been a pretty good crummy day. What do mean? Well, let me tell ya, I have been sick for the last couple of days...pretty much since Friday and I finally started feeling better just yesterday. Gosh, its been wicked! I HATE, HATE being sick. But I was sick alright, I really don't know why I was soo sick but sick nonetheless. So, anywho, I made myself go to work on Tues. and Wed. (just to make myself presentable and earn some money cause it would be bad news for me to not have enough money on my paycheck for pay day, its no bueno to have small pay checks). Well, today, I was finally feeling excellent, so excellent that things kinda started falling apart at work. No good, eh. Well, that happened and then I got a call that I wanted to scream by the time I was done, it put the cherry on the cake. I'm going into collections because well if people would listen to me a little more and stop thinking that I am too young to know whats good for me, that call could have been avoided, lets just leave it at that.
So...on to Biology. This is not going to be boring I promise. During my bio class, ( this class actually calmed my nerves down and I was relax and happy after, thank goodness!!) well, we were talking about industrial revolution and the population growth. So, the reason that there was such a rise of a population growth was and this was somewhere in the 1800's was because for 1) Industrial Revolution and 2) Modern medicine & medicine growth. So, industrial revolution....okay, yeah, its a good thing....but think about it. But right now because of industrial revolution that is still going on ok.....for example: in my old neighborhood it was a small city, not a lot of people and not a lot of houses or building and had a bit of farming of fruits and veggies. Well, go look at it now, the industry is ruining the vegetation, good soil, messing up the hills and making them to homes, stores,and corporate offices. And well messing with the natural beauty of the earth. Its polluting the earth. Its annoying! I mean, here you have all these great industries that either make it or fail to make the right sales or go the wrong way of making business. You have to be smart in order to start of business and also how you run it! You don't make the right moves, it goes down hill pretty fast. You scam someone, you have a fatty law suit glaring at you! You are smart on how you hire, pay, run the business, spread the word and make it something that your consumer's are going to want and want more of....you'll do great. One small move gone wrong... say good bye to what was your good sha-shing/bling bling. You see a lot of those happening even more so, I've noticed anyway, that each time a new business is built on top of the land that the business had gone wrong previously, and the new business, a good chunk of it anyway, will go down too. Why? I have no idea. Its interesting though. I wonder what the stats are to that. It makes me think, what do people do on those things? I mean really. Why build where you know its not going to pull through? why not go where it will be more popular and on demand? Hmm, only God knows, its true, He really does know. He is an all knowing God. Smarter than us sad humans. Sad...I mean when we make silly mistakes. He knows why we do the stupid things that we do in life and how come we never learn. Its a life learning process. And hopefully we eventually do learn from our mistakes and not make them again. Well, I would like to write more but its pass my bed time. I need to get up early for work. So, have a good night ya'll! And I hope this make's sense cause it does to me...atleast in my mind it does. Maybe its all gibberish. Oh,well. Later!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Trying to figure things out...

So, here I am at home pondering life and the things that have been thrown at me. I keep wondering, am I doing the right thing at this time in my life? I don't know where to go and how to go about things. Heavenly Father, has already answered my question and yet I haven't done anything about it. I like my current job but I don't feel sufficient enough to even be there. I am excited that I was able to put in a fight to teach at the high schools and that we got in but I don't feel like I have accomplished all that I must accomplish at this time. The Lord has already prepared my path and now its my turn to act on it. And to work on my part. I recognize that.
Well, so what do I? I ponder and ask....and ponder and wonder; what the heck am I doing just sitting here being dumb?!?! Ahhhh!! Its fustrating. Well, right now I am actually preparing our FHE lesson. I got up sick today, and I have been for the last three days. So, I basically haven't really eaten at all. Well, I actually only have eaten once Sat., Sun, and today. So, it has left me without energy. I don't know what to do right now but I do know that I need to trust my Saviour to do what is right and that I must act appropiately in order to be given an answer to go to the right direction. Heaven's know what I will do next and what is most important. I know also need to get myself energy to do whatever or else that will mean no good.
What's strange is, I haven't felt this sick for a long time. My body has been achy, stomach craps, no energy and well, no desire to do anything and I have been totally anti-social. I am normally not like this. I hope I am better to work tomorrow. Cause I HATE being sick!!! Its the worst thing in the world! Well, anyway, that's all I have for today.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


So, I have been really enjoying taking pictures of nature. Is that weird or what? I don't know, I just love it so much. I mean, yesterday I went to Utah Lake and so what there is nothing to see but it is really relaxing to just be there and enjoy how it looks. And I actually haven't downloaded the pictures of the Lake just yet because I am waiting till I have taken lots of pictures to download them all. I never actually really noticed how beautiful nature really is. And really, it is absolutely magnificent!

remember going camping at the beach for the very first time. And well, it was a lot of fun. And we were so lucky that we had gotten there just in time, where the flood was over and dry enough to actually camp. Also when we left camping, we got even more fortunate that we didn't get rained on because as we were going it started rain. How neat it is to have the simple pleasure's in life. Hence, why now I love camping. You get to realize things that at times becomes such an easy to have simplicity but when you are out there in a different continent and in a 3rd world country. You realize how much, that thing is even much more valuable.
Visiting El Salvador, was quite the trip for me.
It had opened my eyes to what my parents
had live through and what they had to do in order to survive. I would do anything to go back again, but this time take pictures of the people, the culture, the homes, my family of course and remember it with the pictures. I love that my family has taught me the importance of receiving an education. To always fight for what's right, to never give up, to never let fear stop me from realizing my dreams. El Salvador is just different from being in the US. We are so lucky to have such a great opportunity to live in a free country. Yes, there is junk going on but you know, you can only do so much. The one thing that we can do is help those that are in need of help. Make people realize what they can do for themselves so they, that they do have potential and let them know that people care.
But anyway, there is a lot that we can do as long as we are able and willing to help others. Well, I will write more but I can't right now. So, I hope you all are having an amazing day.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What to do?

Well, today has been an interesting day. I was experiencing lots of neck pain and it was really bothering me. And well you know, it also doesn't help when your not getting enough sleep at night so your falling asleep at work a lot. Yeah, don't do what I do. I really didn't want to do any work today, at least this morning. I was falling asleep at our Training Meeting and then again while I was trying to read some article that I pulled off the computer. Oh gosh, that was wretched!
Anywho, I guess I am just ready to be done with this job. I dunno. Its like, I like it more when I am around my consumer's than when I am sitting there trying to plan things. I feel more productive with them then sitting there trying to plan stuff. And when I am sitting there, I want to just get up and leave. Its the most annoying feeling I keep getting. I guess that might be the spirit telling me to get with the program and find a job already as a Phlebotomist or an externship to be a phlebotomist because man, this IL Trainer thing is getting old real quick!
So, when I got off of work, I felt REALLY drained. I just wanted to take a nap but I had to make myself dinner and then get ready to go to class and go to class. And well, so I decided that the only way that I would actually feel better is if I started hearing Church Music. Well, guess what, it worked! It was Heavenly! Ok, I know, I am a nerd. But seriously, it calmed my nerves down a lot and it made going to school much more easier for me.
I love it when you can hear music that is soothing to the soul it does just what you need. Even more so when you ask in prayer to simply please let you go through the day in a more relax mode. I am thankful for those moment. I am forever grateful for those moments. I am grateful for those small answers to prayers that we are able to receive. I am very grateful to know that our Heavenly Father will give us those awesome opportunities. That I can see these great opportunities rise. I am forever grateful for my Saviour and His love He shows upon me. I love Him. And I am happy to have such a wonderful family and such great friends. And I say this in the name of Jesus the Christ. Amen.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Volunteering has been so much fun! I really enjoy it. Today has been a fun filled dayI have been doing volunteer work since 9am! I enjoy it so much. Its something that takes over a lot of time since, my last 2 yrs of high school until now and will continue forever. I encourage everyone to do volunteer work. It is such a blessing to bless others. I wish people could do the same. I think I gotten a lot of this from my grandma, however I don't know her very well, I mean I actually met her when I was 17 and passed on 5 months later. It was hard for me, because I didn't know her, she had been living in Central America and has been there since she was born and never came to California. So, of course that made things harder. I know, I when I have kids, I want my kids to meet their grandparents, to get to know them the best can while their grandparents are still alive and to interact with them. Grandparents are a lot of fun to have! Yeah, they spoil you rotten, but seriously who doesn't love that!
My grandpa he is so hilarious. He may be old but dang, he still knows how to be funny and tell funny jokes. I appreciate that a lot! I like a good joke. I love to be happy. I know people don't always see me serious... but its because I was sick for a long time and I was really specimistic. I never had a good time, I never was someone you really wanted to be around a lot of the times, I was angry at the world and other things too. But it was no one's fault that I could a disease.... more like something called Cancer. The "C" word, yeah, that is something people don't like to talk about it, but it happens. And I know, that I feel forever indebted for the people that toke care of me. I don't like it when people help me sometimes, it actually takes a lot for me to ask for help.
My mom would say,"its like pulling teeth for this girl to even accept help!" Its so true. But when I do finally accept help, I appreciate it that much more. Its a good feeling. Its like when I injured my knee. Oh gosh, that was wretched! I couldn't go up or down three flights of stairs. That toke the energy out of me, and to sit on the floor, nope, that was the worst! Luckily, some of my friends, put the smack down, and told me I HAD to stay put, they would take care of me. They kept having to lecture me....lol...."Veronica sit still!" that is what was said a lot. Its hilarious, I am soo grateful for having such awesome friends! I love them, they are awesome!!! They really make a difference! Well, anyways.
I just really wanted to write of how awesome my day has been. And how much I really enjoyed it! Thanks to everyone for all that you do. Take care and have an amazing day!

Love ya'll-

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


So, for some odd reason I wanted to watch the movie: "A Walk to Remember" with Mandy Moore and well, some good looking fella that was her boyfriend in the movie. If you haven't seen it, I'm sorry, but I think I am going to spoil the movie for you...actually I am going to spoil the movie for you. Sorry, but you have been warned! Jaime, has leukemia....in otherwords cancer. She knew that it would be good to have treatment but she hasn't responded to treatment for 2 years. She ends up falling for this guy whom they marry at the end but she dies in the summer time. And he, he ends up falling in love with her. She tells him to promise her that he will not fall in love with her at about the beginning of the movie, and he agreed because at the time, he had no idea what was going on and he was in the "cool" club of friends, he knew not what was going to happen. Much like you and I, we can not predict our future.

Well, in a lot of way's I know how she felt through out the movie. Interesting, that all my real feelings showed how I felt in certain parts of the movies, things that was said was things that I was thinking. And ok, no, I haven't told a guy to 'never fall in love with me,' but I have wanted to. There was a guy that always tried to get my attention through out high school. And he tried and tried and tried, and each time I kept pushing him away and he asked me one day, why would I keep doing the same thing. Well, because I didn't want him to know what I was going through. Only I knew how I felt, only I knew what was going on and only I knew how hard it was to have the "Graves Disease" -aka- Cancer... later on, that's what my doctor labelled it and by later on was sometime in my freshman year in high school. I knew what I actually had. This guy, that was trying to get my attention kept going out of his way to help me or to do me a favor or whatever. And yet, I wouldn't say yes when he tried to get me to say yes to going out. Why? Well, because I felt it was my burden to carry and that I still had to work on accepting what I had was real. It was the real deal. I thought like everyone else thinks when they are in middle school and high school, "hey, i'm young, i can do anything, nothing can touch me, nothing can harm me and I can't catch anything (any fatal diseases, or just anything).' But to my dismay, i caught a bad virus. A tumor named cancer that could spread and become into a deadly cancer.

I actually finally told one of my good friends a year ago what I had while in school. He was shocked and at first didn't know what to say. He said I should have told him. I feel bad, that I never said anything. But now, I feel better that I can finally talk about it and feel ok because I have accepted what I have had.

I did have a tumor. It was pretty big, it could have been taken out. But the doctors didn't want to because I was only 12 or 14 years old. And I was very fortunate that with radiology it did the trick and made it go down and my medicines help a lot. Although I hated how much hair loss I was having. But heck, I was glad I didn't have to go through surgery. It was the scariest time of my life. But this time, time is precious. Life is beautiful. The blessings have been amazing. Life has really treat me well! And I have grown in a lot of ways. I really, try hard to not take life for granted. I know that I can be stinker at times but I really am trying to be better. I am not perfect but I am always striving to be better.

Yes, I did finally grew to accept what I had. And just like Jaime, "I don't need another reason to be angry at God." I don't. I felt that way. But I felt so a lone. I felt like nobody understood me or understood what was going on. I was in the same religion as my parents at the time, only because I was following the faith of my parents.

And then, one day it hit me, it was like a ton of bricks. "There is something more to life! Live! Be strong and fight! There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Endure to the end!" My teacher, whom had no clue what was going on with me (or might have, because he was good friends with another teacher at the high school that I was going at, whom was, well, still is best friends with my brother....but i never really told my brother how i felt) , he just wrote a simple note on one of my graded papers (it was my summer school class) "Veronica, your doing just fine. Stop trying so hard, your doing great." Man, that toke me a back, that hit me strong. I knew exactly what he meant, its the same statement that I wrote a second ago that came to my mind...."There is something more to life...." (look at above statement on this paragraph.)

Well, I did start fighting this wretched thing, this plague, this cancer. I found out soon before graduating, I was ok. And that I had fought a good fight and I was cancer free. Yeehaaa! I was so glad. Unlike Jaime, I got lucky, and I still alive and doing well. While all this was going on, I was still questioning where is God? etc... I was questioning a lot of things. Well, I found my answer. And now I have been saved. I know that though, it can come back. I know what the symptom's are. I know that if I have faith everything will work out, not in my time but in the Lord's time. He has a plan for us. We must be obedient and follow it. I know that it is not up to me to live or die. He knows what will happen to me. He knows what my future holds and what will happen next. I just have to be faithful. Its better said than done. Thats really true. But its a work in progress. And you just keep doing what you know to be right, asking in faith that things will work out and being prayerful is always helpful.

Yeah, life has its difficulties. Always remember, that there is others that have it worse, and there are others who feel your pain. Jesus Christ atone for sins, so we can return to our Heavenly Father and He has been through awhole lot more that what we can handle. And that we can be reunited with our family and friends. He knows us, and we are children of God. He loves us and will ALWAYS be by our side. I know that to be true. Because He has always been there for me. Thats why I am where I am today. And I thank Heavenly Father for all the many blessings! I know that the church is true and that He lives! I know that the scriptures are true and that the Temple is the most wonderful place to be. I know that with all my heart, that this is where I need to be because I have been given that knowledge and reminded of what I need to get done here. Thank you so much. In the name of Jesus the Christ. Amen.

love- me!

Never fear! Because with fear you won't be able to succeed. You won't be able to see your true potential! Be strong, be brave, have charity because "....charity never faileth."

Saturday, May 3, 2008

"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens." ~ Carl Gustav Jung

"Jesus did not wait to see how we would live before he gave his life for us"
~ Barbara Lockhart

So today is PARTY TIME!!! I passed my State Exam, now, I can officially do my 40 hr externship! I am SOOO happy. I can do something better than just hanging out and wait for something good to come and I can learn more about the Medical Field.

You know what though, " GOOD THINGS COME FOR THOSE WHO WAIT!"

I love the medical field, weird to think, because of my past of being in and out of the doctors, where I would use to hate going to the doctor but at the same time it got me out of school, which I hated being out of school because I wasn't able to learn everything that I needed to learn in order to graduate with better grades and I couldn't make it to the Honors Roll, and yet somehow, I manage to make it into the Dean's List. I want to do that again, get into the Dean's List again. Its a VERY good thing! I also made it, somehow to the Who's Who... something or another. Crazy, huh? That's what I think, anyway.

But you know, Heavenly Father blesses us in so many ways. He is the ultimate best! Like, if you need help, He will always be there! He will always carry you in times of needs. And He loves each and everyone of us. Thats why, He does what He does, so we can see His hands to help learn whats right, so we can return to Him. We must be obedient and willing to do His will. Because it ultimately is His will not ours. I'm so glad for the gospel and for the many opportunities that I get to do what's right. For the people I get to meet and interact with. For my family and friends. And for all the help I get from everyone and up above! For the Heavenly Gifts. I love thee, Heavenly Father, so much. Thank you so much for showing me the way. For reminding me that I need to stand in Holy Places, and need to be obedient in order to be blessed. I am soo grateful that I have such great room-mates that help me learn what is right, that help test me so I can be ready for my test and for their great example! I love that I have a wonderful family whom are supportive, that will cheer me on when I am doing what is right, and push me when I feel like I can't do it any longer also for believing in me. I am so grateful for the promptings of the spirit that I get. I love thee, Heavenly Father, you are so wonderful to me and those around me! Thank you SOOO much!! I say this in the name of Jesus the Christ. Amen.


Friday, May 2, 2008

Walking on Memory Lane...

Well, so today I was just chatting it up with a friend that is visiting from Sacramento, CA.....oh, how I miss beautiful Cali. And she and I were pretty much talking about things that we have done in the past, mostly silly things with our siblings and things with our families. Its soo much fun to remember those precious moments that happen in our lives! I love them because it reminds you of the silly things in life that you do, and it brings you back to your childhood. I love it.

Like one thing that we were talking about, well, I was reminiscing about, was that, because the way my house was set up where both restrooms had it set up that they were back to back close together. So, like if someone was in one restroom going pee and another person was doing the same thing, going pee, in the other restroom. If they wanted to talk to each other, they could, because the walls were pretty thin. Well, we would do that, atleast my siblings and I would...cause ofcourse kids are kids. Most of the time though, was that one would knock on the wall and not finish the song or whatever they would be knocking and would wait for the other to knock back the rest of the song or whatever was being knocked. And we would do that for maybe two minutes at times, until our parents, aunts or uncles or just somebody would yell at us to get out. It was funny and just something that we did as kids.

Something else that my older (oldest) sister and I, would always call each other once we all got cell phones and we, if time would permit, would always talk to each other about whatever. Well, a couple times I have ignored her call because I was in the restroom going potty. Well, I always call my sister back and let her know the reason for not answering the phone. Well, she would get upset with me (not seriously but being exaggerating) and tell me.... " Veronica, if you need to go pee, go. But, when I am calling you and you are going pee, answer the phone! Sheesh." and I would just respond...."...dude, chill, can't people go pee in peace, for crying out loud, you crazy, lady." My sister would always laugh because we would just funny stuff to each other. So now I answer the phone for my sis even if I am in the restroom. Its funny. She is a such a silly sis!

Anywho, this is all probably too much information for all of you to know, but oh, well. This is just the silly things in life that happens. Funny how families work and how they give you guilt trips to either make you feel bad or to embarrasse you because they can. Those stinkers. But you gotta love them. Sometimes you can't live with them, but the majority of the time, you can't live without them, because they mean the world to you.

well, I oughta jam. laters!

"To the world you may mean your one person, but to one person you may mean the world"

"You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, 'I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.' You must do the thing you think you cannot do."
Eleanor Roosevelt

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Today has been a magnificent day! I love going to church because it is such a blessing to be able to hear the testimonies of others. To hear what they love, what moves them, what gets them to be in the right spirit. I just really love hearing what everyone says and how I get learn by their examples. I am so glad that I get the opportunity to hear what others testimonies. I really enjoy every minute of being at church. Today, it was even really special for me because its my 5th year anniversity of being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. And it was really nice to be reminded of my baptism and of my baptismal covenants that I have made with the Lord. Not only that, just how much it really has blessed my life to being a member. It really changed me for the best. I love being a member. I love the Saviour. It has really helped me being a member of the church and it has truely blessed my life. I wish my family could understand the happiness that I get from living in the place that I am living, and having such great room mates whom are influential and set example on me. Not only that, to just feel the love and peace that they could receive for being a faithful of the church and continue to move strongly and willingly to learn and do what is right.
I am definetely going to be sad when I have to move from this place because I am now finally really getting to know people and making friends but you know that part that stinks, is that the people that I have now befriended are moving or have moved back home, so who knows if we will actually be able to keep in touch. I know people come and go in our lives, but its always hard to say good bye because sometimes those good byes are forever good byes. Like when I was living at home to move out of the state and to say good bye to my family, the people I grew up knowing and just everything, was extremely hard. I never thought good byes would be soo hard. But they really are. Now I finally understand what my friend meant when he said he hates good byes.
Those life lessons that we learn are really valuable and they make a difference. They really make you ponder about life and the meaning thereof. And they make you think about that you would never would have thought of before. Interesting, isn't it? How funny life works out.
I really like the quote that was read today during Relief Society. I don't remember who said it.... but here it is:

"If you don't raise the bar, then how will you know your true potential?"

What that meant to me, was that, I need to remember everything that I do, is because I could return to Heavenly Father. And that I should never lower my standards, because the one's that I have are the right ones. And that I must never fear and do my best in everything I do. I should always stand in holy places and remember our Saviour. Because He has done a lot for me and everyone else in the world. The quote actually means a whole lot more for me, but I am afraid that I can't write it all down at this time. Because of the meanings it has for me that I should not share.
I just want to say, I thank my Saviour for all that He has done. I am so thankful to have the gospel in my life. I am forever grateful for those that lead me to the right direction and for becoming my friends. I am so grateful for the love and peace that I have in my life. I thank thee, Heavenly Father. And I say this in the name of Jesus the Christ. Amen.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

No Casualty...

So, I am at work, minding my own business and I well, was working on some sort of project and one of my co-workers was doing inventory and for some reason decided to ask me if I was LDS. And of course, my answer was Yes. Well, he told me, that we don't believe in casualties. He went on to tell me, that it isn't by some sort of casualty that I am working at the company. That I am there for a reason, that the Lord has a plan for me and that as I follow His plan that things will work out and that I will be blessed.
And you know, I really wasn't expecting that at all. It was really cool to hear that. Here I am feeling dumb-founded by what his saying, and yet happy to have heard it. Finally, someone said that to me! I mean, how many times have I said that to others and never really actually herd that same sort of feed back. It really wowwed me.
I think the most interesting part of it all, was that we both were not talking about church membership, religion or really anything. I was just doing my work and him his. It was profound. Actually something that I really needed to hear.
It really is no casualty that one person is in this place or that. You are either there because you have really truelly have made the right choice and you were really blessed for making the right decision or you went for the wrong one knowing that it could mean no good and comes out to be no good.
Its so interesting with the people we come across and the things that they say. A lot of those times when we see those people, we are blessed to hear such great encouraging words. I am so grateful to have heard what my co-worker had to say. It was great words on encouragement.