Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Yes, I am still alive! Woohoo!

Ok, so, I don't have super amazing news about me. Well, I did go on vacation and that was amazingly fun! Especially taking care of an adorable 6 month old baby and having fun chasing his little sister around the house. Kids are fun and they say the darnest things at times...

So, anyway, I went to this little town that nobody really knows about and its outside of St. George and there is one post office where everyone that lives in that small town gets their mail. Its awesome! And not only that, I actually got to check out Zion's National Park and Kolob Canyon, which by the way, if you ever get a chance to go...DO IT!! Its soo worth it, its amazingly gorgeous!And yes I know, I am not using proper english but oh well its my blog, I don't care, its fun making a sentence that words should just not be there....i guess...lol! =P (hmmm....no wonder my cell phone wouldn't let me do that word (gorgeous), I forgot the e..haha...thats funny) Anyway, yeah, the family that I was with showed me around and I played lots of games and kept some of the 9 to 11 kids busy while their parents were doing other stuff which for me was no big deal.

So, I pretty much realized that after this 9 day trip full of fun...that I need to start cracking on the dating scene and stop being shy when I am around people I don't know and just try to meet new people without being scared what they think of me. Cause what it comes down to, is that I really just need to be me! I don't like being the girl that is over bearing or intimidating and I also don't like explaining or saying my job title at times because its like this huge fancy name but I don't even get paid as much as I could get paid. And really, the job title doesn't explain who I am and say what type of personality I have. But I know I have noticed that when I am around my friends that I am totally comfortable with... I can be pretty loud, silly and fun to be around..and sometimes I embarrass some friends cause I do things that make some of them say, I don't know that girl..and a lot of those times they are laughing when they are saying that, too. But when it comes to being in a big crowd that I don't know anyone...that all goes away...cause all of the sudden I turn to be this super shy chic and all of sudden doesn't have anything to say, nothing interesting to talk about. But really I am full of useful AND useless information. I am random. I laugh at stupid stuff all of the time, some stuff people think that they are not funny but for some odd strange reason I sometimes laugh so hard at what people say (even those things that are not meant to be funny but seem like they are to me (don't ask me why...but..)...I have to make myself go outside so I can breathe and make my stomach stop hurting and my eyes stop crying of joy and of whatever silliness was said or done. Its a funny sight.

And I know I am basically a nerd. I am not ashamed of it at all. I know I am and I don't mind embracing it. And I can talk about just anything but I just chose not, too. And I chose to not to make friends with other cause I just don't know anyone. It always takes someone I don't know to come upto me to talk to me to get me to talk, hence, why I loved my callings at church that made me go up to people I don't know and forces me to get to know others cause it gets me out of my comfort zone and allows me to make new friends. I just wish I would be a little more on the social side and less shy. So, yeah...

So...wow, most of that was just me rambling and thinking outloud. Sorry, but oh well. Its basically the truth. There is no way getting around the truth other than just facing the facts. I am not gonna lie but the dating game sucks here...at least where I am living. I can't wait to move on to another area and I hope where there is people more my age and I hope that I can stop being so stinken shy and just open up and have fun as well as date more or atleast get asked out on dates rather than me asking guys out like I have been. Which not that that's a bad thing but I would like it if the tables would turn alittle. What do I do? I dunno.

Oh, oh, p.s., I will add pictures as soon as I find my chord ( <<< however, you spell that word!...hehehe....) to download my amazing pix! Love ya, bye, ttfn! =)