Monday, September 29, 2008

I didn't do it!!!

*pay attention to what is saids on the white sticker.

So, I was work today and I am soo glad that I am feeling TONS better! Yesterday was the first day in four days that I was actually able to enjoy eating! I had a stomach flu...I think anyway or something like that. And during the time I wasn't at work or hanging out with anyone which really, I didn't see anyone during that time...thank pete because really, who wants to get sick? Not I!! But at any rate, while I was staying home; I watched 7 movies that most of them I had not seen before... ( I had a lot of time on my hands) and taking meds...yuck, was just about all I could do and I missed three days of work...yuck again. I hate missing work.

Anywho, I went to work today and I am really clumsy sometimes. Ok, j/k, let me rephrase that, I am clumsy!...LOL. So, I was just about to leave the office and I was getting out of my chair to leave. Well, low and behold, the phone cord somehow managed to get stuck on me and hit the floor with a BANG!...mind you I share the space with my co-worker in a small office inside the office bldg (if that makes sense and I already established letting people know that my english can be not so great sometime), and I said because she had looked at me and before she said anything, I said, "You didn't hear anything." and I made sure everything looked good. She gave me a look of some concern and asked "what happened?" and I quickly responded with a smile and shrugged my should..."Oh, nothing." as camly as I could and trying to keep a straight face and she just laughed a little and went on back to work.

I guess, seriously, Monday's and Fridays are my clumsiest days ever. It was soo funny, at least to me it was.

And Sunday was a lot of fun! I am soo glad to have such great friends and home-teachers! They are A-MAZING! So, I just wanted to share my happy thoughts for today. Have a rocking awesome day!

Love ya-

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So, here I am sick at home. The executive director at work ask me if I was feeling alright...and well, I kept saying, I think so but really its not just I think so its more like, I know so. My co-workers were also saying the same thing to me. Well, now that I have been home for the last, oh I don't know...six hours...I'm starting to feel pretty crummy.

Well, I know when my friends read this, they say I'm pretty out there and I don't stay on one subject. Well, I apologize, I'm ADD and I can't keep focus on one thing, I always try but I have a hard time. People don't understand, someone said is that you don't try hard enough or that you just don't want to. Actually, thats not true and not even the case. I felt offended when they said that to me. Honestly, I do try but I can't. My mind just doesn't work that way and you know what, I've always been that way. I mean, I always finish my task and I always shot for the stars. I mean, I don't always get what I hope for but whose to say that I am any better than anyone else, no-one. I don't think of myself better than anyone. I am just a student working her butt off to get her education and also trying to make a living.

I sometimes wonder what people think of me but sometimes I try not to think about it because some people's thought about me is better left unsaid. I don't understand the world and why its so corrupt. I wonder why people aren't willing to try something different, to live a little. I actually often wonder a lot about a lot of things. Its too bad that some people just don't understand.

I honestly enjoy living life and doing my own thing but I also really enjoy spending time with the people I care the most. You know the only reason I am sick is because I forget about myself a lot and my needs and tend to help others more than anything else. I enjoy helping those around me, its one of my favorite hobbies. But sometimes, you have to realize when to give too much is enough and pay attention to yourself or else you can wear yourself down and can get yourself sick. What it comes down to is its time for me to take care of myself and by taking care of myself I need to relax and just be a bum atleast for a day.

Well, moving on to the next thing, I actually dont have anything good to say. Nothing bad either, just nothing period. Well, I'm gonna go. Night.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Food for Thought...

Well, hello, I have been home for the last two hours and all I have done is hear music, clean, dance while cleaning, cook and well, thats it. Its been sooo boring here at home! I hate that I don't have any family around but then when I go home, I realize why I am not living there any more. Sad, huh?

Well, I have been getting home sick, which always happens when you haven't been back where your most comfortable and around the people you love the most. You don't realize what you got until its gone. And when its gone, you work that much more harder to get it back or to go back. My family, my awesome little nephew is back home along with my two best friends and I miss them a lot.

I know, that I enjoy being with some of the people back home (here in Utah) but people in my ward really haven't tried to get to know me. They are good people, don't get me wrong but its soo lame being here when people don't even try, its almost a waist of time. I like being myself but sometimes I can't and I end up being super quiet and don't act like I normally with my best friends or family because some people just aren't open to different such as being loud and doing things at the sper of the moment, being spontanious and just living the dream! They seem to be too stuck in their comfort zone that different is too much for them. I guess, well you can, I am stuck in "the happy valley's bubble" which sucks. I mean people seriously, is being stuck in your bubble is that really exciting? Seriously, live a little. People are too afraid for to change, get a change of pace, new scenary. I guess, you can say I am just too fustrated with somethings. I miss my California. I miss my family, my friends, my nice weather, my everything I left behind and yet I am suppose to be here, there is more work to be do here and more growing and I pressume I will learn those things that I need to learn as the time comes and I am prepared to. I sometimes just want to cry though but I don't because well, I am not going to talk about why I just don't.

When I was in California, I explained to my two dear friends that I felt welcomed being home, when I heard the lady yelling at the passenger, "don't you go putting your stuff in my spot! Its the driver's spot!" It was hilarious! I along with some other passengers started laughing because really thats LA for ya. And no, we weren't laughing because the poor gentleman did that but more because it made me realize what I haven't seen or heard for a while. And the gentleman, the poor man, was still left confused all he wanted to do is sit down and go to his home.

Ok, I know I jump around a lot but its because that is how my mind works. And really there's not much I can do about it, its my ADD, I'm jumpy in a way that I have a hard time thinking straight but I get things done...

So, moving on to another story, It was funny yet so adorable that my nephew came upto me when I finally made my arrival to my sister Cloud's home, he was just SOOO excited to see his Auntie and say.."Where were you? I was even yelling out your name because I miss you!!!" Aww, it felt sooo good to see my cutie pie! His just soo adorable!

Well, I of course started to take pictures of my family. And well, my nephew made sure that I put up his picture and let the world know that he is my PROUD little nephew and he specifically told me to put this one up and show everyone whom he is: His the families amazing little spongebob square pants!*

I have to admit, I was laughing pretty hard when I saw him wear this. It made my day, it goes to show how little things may be and how sweet kids are and what a great roll they play in our lives on a daily basis. I had a lot of fun seeing my family and even the annoying ones. haha...j/k. I still love them, I love everyone in my family all the same.

I love that my family is from El Salvador and that they are just soo awesome!

Anywho, I toke pictures of my sister, she is soo funny, we always make funny faces to each other to make each other laugh; it calls for good times. We always laugh at the silly things we have done in life and talk about our past and what we did and how we got away with some stuff.
Its so funny how things are and how things work and work out to be. Being at home made me feel good, I got rejuvenated. It was always to see the pictures of my sweet grandparents. I toke a picture of them, a picture of a picture...
they are the most cutest couple ever. So loving and generous. I pray to be such a great example as they have been to me.

Even, within my fustrations, I have to remember that things will work out. Its not easy to do, by any means. Today has been a really great day. I would like it to stay that way or even get better! I love having good days. I love being able to reminisce about the silly things in life and some pretty great embarrassing moments that happen either with friends or family and sometimes even perfect strangers.

I did take lots of pictures of Cali and some of my favorite people too. But I should go, my knee is being a stinker and I am having shooting pains. That all has to do with learning how to roller blade...thats another story for another day.

Have a great day! =)

Monday, September 8, 2008

The....."to be continue..."

Well, Like I was saying yesterday. It was a crazy day, more like crazy busy. I had an interesting chat with one of my room-mates that FINALLY toke place. I was having a hard time with the subject and well, everything, thank goodness, is still going ok!

I had a lot of crazy things has just happened and well, I can't remember what I was going to say any longer.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

So, its finally Sunday. And we have Stake Conference in my stake. We are going to the Marriott Center and hear some wonderful people talk. I am tired and cold cause the house is and I am ready for a nice warm bed. But I have tons to do today, like Nutrition and Spanish homework.

Life has been pretty much really crazy for me here in Utah. I haven't had the best month or summer, to say the least. I am tired of the same old story and the same crap the goes on. Some people just don't get it and others that just need to leave me a lone. I guess, its all the same. I know that because for some reason or another I am still able to go through this week with the help of my Saviour! Which, to be honest has been incredible nice! be continued...