Thursday, October 30, 2008


Ok, well, I let me face the facts right now. I'm losing my hearing. And, well, boy let me tell you it sucks! There are noise's I use to be able to heard really well, like high pitch sounds and little creeks and such. But now, I can't hear them anymore well maybe a little but for the most part I have a hard time figuring out what it was making the noise. It scares me. I am gonna be making an appointment with an audiologist so they can tell me; what in the hey is happening to my hearing? Now, I am not just saying, "I'm losing my hearing" because I want to but its because its t-r-u-e>> TRUE. I notice that more and more I have been saying "What?"... "No tell me."... "what did you say?" ..."seriously, tell me!!"...."Dang it, I can't hear! So, tell me already and I'll stop bugging the heck out of you. Sheesh." I have been throwing tantrums because I can't hear what people say sometimes, and when they talk to me sometimes I have to really try to hear what's being said to me and I try to get closer to the person but without any avail. It bother's me so much that I can't hear some noises or hear what people try to say to me in a whisper and that I keep having to say "what?" and then, I have to try EXTRA hard to listen to what is being said.

I guess its a good thing that I am majoring in Sign Language and that I would like to be an Interpreter... and hopefully it won't be me needing an interpreter. I guess, I really haven't thought about it all that much. I mean, I did bring it up to my mom's attention and she just told me that to not lose my hearing so in response I said, "I'll try not to, mom. I'll try not to." I was very sad when I said that. I think it will be a sadder day when I actually get results but it will be good that at least I know what is going on with my hearing. I don't want to have to get a hearing aid but I might need one. I need to bring this problem to my family about my hearing, I want them to know what is going on because to be honest I would love to still be able to communicate with my family. And I hope that they will be willing to learn sign language if I lose my hearing completely.

I pray that it doesn't happen. I also pray that I will become better at Sign Language just in case, its a great back up plan. Please pray that I can find the right help I need. Thanks. =)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Maybe a little awkward???

Ok, so I was totally remembering my last week class. Last week, I was at my Human Psych Class and I am just sitting there and minding my own business, along with writing my notes. Well, as I am sitting there, the gal sitting to the right of me farted! I gasped quietly, not knowing what to say or do. I couldn't leave because then it would be obvious that I had heard her fart in class and what was on my left side was the wall, so it was me inbetween the wall and some chick, whom I do not know her name.

I had a hard time not laughing over the matter. But, I guess sometimes you got to let it go. Hmm... and you know what's worse, she really tried to cover herself but it did her no good. yeah, that was my last Thur. night class experience... Do you have any interesting stories? Please tell me...


P.S. Fart is probably not an appropiate word but that was all I can think bad.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Feeling loved....=)

by my sweet nephew!

I love that kid. His my proud little nephew and 5 yrs of age. His the sweetest kid ever, with a HUGE heart! I miss him a lot.

He called me twice yesterday! And let me tell ya, thats a first. He called me to let me know that
"its ALREADY Thanksgiving, and I have been waiting all this time to see you!!!"

I was in the middle of baking and I hear the phone go off, I wasn't expecting a call and my phone rang. I didn't answer because I was trying to finish making Confetti Cake as quickly as I could. Well, I finished and quickly checked who had called first I thought, maybe its my Visiting Teacher's calling me or my mom. Nope, it wasn't, my nephew figured out how to get to the contacts from my sis's phone (his mama, which I'm not surprised that he figured it out on her cell phone, his a SMART kid) and then he gave me a call. Actually two calls. And I somehow missed both. I know why I missed one but not the other.

So, I called back and he starting saying, "hello," and i recognized his voice instantly and said "Hi!" I was SOOO excited to hear my sweet nephew's voice. And then, he went ahead and went straight to business. "When are you coming?" .."well, sweetie, I will be there for Thanksgiving." Fabi..."its been awhile, I haven't seen you, you haven't come and visited me. Its been a long time!" I responded..."I know I am sorry. But I promise I will be there for Thanksgiving." He said without skipping a beat.."But its ALREADY Thanksgiving, come now, come see me!" "But its not Thanksgiving yet, that won't be until three more weeks." My nephew.."But it is! I haven't seen you, I want you to come now and I am waiting for you. I'm still waiting for my Spiderman, too." When he said that, I had my u-huh moment, I forgot about that, woops! So, I respond... "Oh, yeah, I will still get you one, not to worry. I will come visit you, just wait a little bit longer, I will come and so will your toy." My nephew said quickly... "I'm gonna go tell my mom so she can come and get you, so you can be here with me!" My only respond, "ok, you do that. Good luck." Him.."ok. I love you." "I love you, too. Bye-bye." "Bye."

It was soo sweet to talk to him, his such a hoot. He makes me laugh soo hard. And his such a tease, he loves to be silly and joke around (just like his dad) and his LOADS of fun. I can't wait to see him! Well, I just wanted to say, I miss my sweet little nephew! And I can't wait to see him! Its gonna be LOADS of fun!!! =)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Its a beautiful day...

Today, has been a slow Sunday. Not that, that's a bad thing...because really its not. I wish my weekend would be longer though. This week, I have to work on my work's Halloween Party, something that I am in charged off and still learning to manage (learning to manage how to prepare party's...and big parties at that).

To be honest, its a hard thing to do. I can only imagine how much work is involved for a wedding...most likely, a lot more than what I am doing for a small Halloween Party. Tomorrow I make announcements and I assign jobs. Tomorrow I go shopping and maybe ask some of my co-worker's to do some shopping as well because I still have a lot I have to catch up to do since I haven't been at work for more than two weeks. Man, it sucks being sick.

Well, at any rate, I don't really have a lot to say, I mean I really could say a lot but its better that I don't because it would be about me complaining and who really wants to hear that?? No one. But today is an absolutely a gorgeous day here at the park with the color's of the tree's changing to beautiful orange, reds and yellows. You can tell its Fall.

But now, I will leave of with this thought from a video I watched at my work conference which stands true to a lot of people I know....

"I don't want to be normal. I just want a chance to shine."
-said from a young lady, whose name will be withheld.

Have a wonderful day!

Love ya all!!

me =)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Getting Kicked out of a Bar

.....for drinking water.

Yup, that happened to me. You might be wondering why in the world I was at a bar....hmmm...

Well, this weekend I was at Las Vegas, Nevada for my work Conference. It was amazing the things that were presented. I loved that I got to go. Also, I never eat at fancy restaurants and I got fed real well with a 3 course meal. The presentation was good. I guess, you can say, I live the simple life. I mean, I'm just not use to going all out and eat at fancy restaurants. Of course, I only drank milk, water or juice but mostly water. Water has become my new favorite drink, its good, healthy and it hydrates your body.

Oh, yeah, I apologize now for jumping from subject to another, my brain just work's that way, I mean at the very least, I get out what I want to say....

So, I was minding my business and just studying in my room on Sunday Night. I was sad because I missed Church and most of all Sacrament Meeting. I love partaking of Sacrament meeting, it is the day of rest AND the day I can go and re-new my covenants with my Heavenly Father. At any rate, I was wishing I could go home... (as in Utah home....) and I was wishing I had some friends at my hotel and that I new people's number that live in Vegas but I course I couldn't find them. Sad dayz.

Well, as I was pondering and throwing myself a pity party, my Supervisor and other co-worker came into the room and pointed out that I had to go with them and dance. Quite honestly, I wasn't in the mood to dance or to argue so I just got myself ready because when they had entered I was in my pj's. Well, I was not looking forward to whatever comes next.

We went to Bally's club thing and they had a group performing singing all sorts of good songs but I was not in the mood for it yet again. I just wanted my alone time, since I have been with other's for far too long without R & R time.

My supervisor kept beckoning me to dance, she was ready to get her groove on but I told her no, she could go. I know that she really wanted to dance but she wasn't going if I wasn't going to go. I gave in and danced, mostly just swayed from left to right, and watch some ladies get giggy with it.

At any rate, yeah, it was fun watching other people dance but I really truly did not want to be there. So, while we were there, I watched people dance and pretend to enjoy myself when really I was dying to go back to the hotel room. Finally, the lady asked us to leave.

Now, keep in mind, my co-workers ordered me water and themselves. I was there only because I just wasn't in the mood to argue because regardless of whatever I would do to get myself from not going, I knew I wouldn't succeed. And yes, one of my co-workers got her groove on. She pretty much REALLY enjoyed herself...while I was trying to learn how to country line dance....didn't work so well for me.

But, I guess it was fun. I think though for me, was funny that we got kicked out for not drinking alcoholic beverages. Those beverages are gross and if I had been more bolder at the moment, I would have gotten myself kicked out sooner so I wouldn't have to be there. Now what do I mean by getting myself kicked out sooner, well...just leave the place quickly. The lady, that kept trying to talk to me about getting something to drink and who knows whatelse, I had a hard time understanding her. Coveniently, my sign language kicked in and I was asking in Sign Language what was she asking and then, my final attempt, was I pointed to my co-worker so she can talk to her.

Now, I am SOO glad I know some sign language, but I need to get better at it. It helps when you really don't want to talk to people like at the club.

And even though, all that transpired, I was still wanting to go back Utah. Monday was a long day. But, it helped that my mom made it easy for me to talk to her as long as I wanted. I needed it. It gets boring staying with your co-workers all day sometimes, I'm sorry to say.

What also helped is that, I finally got myself sucked into a book. Because of time and schedule, I would have been done with this book quickly but I am not. I'm so intrigued and can't wait to finish it. The book is "Twilight" and darn it, its good.

Well, I can't write any more, its time for me to get ready for work. Have a nice day!

Love ya,
me... :)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Breaking In.... my own house!

Well, today, I woke up sick and weak. The smell from the mold thing has been getting stronger and I am pretty sure its affecting my health. Because I have been getting sick way too much this year and truth be told, I HATE being sick!!! Yuck!

Well, since I have been home pretty much all day, I was inbetween looking for a place to live and texting my friend from home since she has not enough minutes to chat. Well, I noticed that something was wrong with the sprinkler because it was spouting out like a lot of water. And now our small garden is flooded and I have nothing to take out the water. Mind you, I am wearing nothing but my pj's and no shoes and well, yeah, I had woken up not that long ago and had been in my pj's because of course being that I was sick, I wasn't about to hoop in the shower and change to something nice, I just wanted to be comfortable, at any rate, the floor of the patio is flippen cold!!!

Well, I go outside, completely forgetting that once you shut the door and don't unlock the door, your locked out!

Well, my smart self, shut the door, forgetting to unlock the door, my cell phone and keys! I finally realized what I had done. Nice move V, nice move! Was going through my head and, now what? Well, I started to walk to where our cars park very close to our garage and was looking at the windows. Instantly, I think, I hope I can break into my own house, this just keeps getting interesting by the second.

So, I go back to the backyard feeling the cold through my feet and body beginning to get the chills, still wondering, how in the heck am I getting in?!?

I finally re-adjusted some things and climbed a bench and the window was luckily unlocked and I climbed in and I kept hoping I wouldn't fall inside the house while climbing in. Finally, I entered successfully. The bench from the kitchen wasn't too far from the window which made it easier but still shaky, but I was luckily able to pull it a bit closer with my feet. The scary part was getting on the bench because its holds the fort by one thing of wood on one end and another on the other end, if you step on it wrong, your likely to hurt yourself and fall. So, somehow, Heavenly Father answered two prayers at once, I can get into the house and I didn't hurt myself while climbing in.

And ya know, I had no idea someone could have let me in if I had asked, but nope, I didn't ask for help instead, well, at least not from the neighbor's or anyone, I asked in prayer for help and I got an answer. And there was no way in heck I was going over to anyone's home to ask for help or to let me in, I look ridiculous enough as it was and my feeling sick doesn't help because I don't want to be contagious, that would be bad news. Well, so, thats my sad but kinda funny story for the day.

Later! :)