Saturday, May 17, 2008


Volunteering has been so much fun! I really enjoy it. Today has been a fun filled dayI have been doing volunteer work since 9am! I enjoy it so much. Its something that takes over a lot of time since, my last 2 yrs of high school until now and will continue forever. I encourage everyone to do volunteer work. It is such a blessing to bless others. I wish people could do the same. I think I gotten a lot of this from my grandma, however I don't know her very well, I mean I actually met her when I was 17 and passed on 5 months later. It was hard for me, because I didn't know her, she had been living in Central America and has been there since she was born and never came to California. So, of course that made things harder. I know, I when I have kids, I want my kids to meet their grandparents, to get to know them the best can while their grandparents are still alive and to interact with them. Grandparents are a lot of fun to have! Yeah, they spoil you rotten, but seriously who doesn't love that!
My grandpa he is so hilarious. He may be old but dang, he still knows how to be funny and tell funny jokes. I appreciate that a lot! I like a good joke. I love to be happy. I know people don't always see me serious... but its because I was sick for a long time and I was really specimistic. I never had a good time, I never was someone you really wanted to be around a lot of the times, I was angry at the world and other things too. But it was no one's fault that I could a disease.... more like something called Cancer. The "C" word, yeah, that is something people don't like to talk about it, but it happens. And I know, that I feel forever indebted for the people that toke care of me. I don't like it when people help me sometimes, it actually takes a lot for me to ask for help.
My mom would say,"its like pulling teeth for this girl to even accept help!" Its so true. But when I do finally accept help, I appreciate it that much more. Its a good feeling. Its like when I injured my knee. Oh gosh, that was wretched! I couldn't go up or down three flights of stairs. That toke the energy out of me, and to sit on the floor, nope, that was the worst! Luckily, some of my friends, put the smack down, and told me I HAD to stay put, they would take care of me. They kept having to lecture"Veronica sit still!" that is what was said a lot. Its hilarious, I am soo grateful for having such awesome friends! I love them, they are awesome!!! They really make a difference! Well, anyways.
I just really wanted to write of how awesome my day has been. And how much I really enjoyed it! Thanks to everyone for all that you do. Take care and have an amazing day!

Love ya'll-

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elegyrl said...

Your blog is so random sometimes but I love it! I love that its random because that is you! You started out with your grandparents.... and back to service.... its funny! But I agree it is so amazing to help others and yet so hard to ask for help ourselves! I don't know why that is but its incredible the way service blesses the lives of everyone involved! :) Love ya girl!