Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What to do?

Well, today has been an interesting day. I was experiencing lots of neck pain and it was really bothering me. And well you know, it also doesn't help when your not getting enough sleep at night so your falling asleep at work a lot. Yeah, don't do what I do. I really didn't want to do any work today, at least this morning. I was falling asleep at our Training Meeting and then again while I was trying to read some article that I pulled off the computer. Oh gosh, that was wretched!
Anywho, I guess I am just ready to be done with this job. I dunno. Its like, I like it more when I am around my consumer's than when I am sitting there trying to plan things. I feel more productive with them then sitting there trying to plan stuff. And when I am sitting there, I want to just get up and leave. Its the most annoying feeling I keep getting. I guess that might be the spirit telling me to get with the program and find a job already as a Phlebotomist or an externship to be a phlebotomist because man, this IL Trainer thing is getting old real quick!
So, when I got off of work, I felt REALLY drained. I just wanted to take a nap but I had to make myself dinner and then get ready to go to class and go to class. And well, so I decided that the only way that I would actually feel better is if I started hearing Church Music. Well, guess what, it worked! It was Heavenly! Ok, I know, I am a nerd. But seriously, it calmed my nerves down a lot and it made going to school much more easier for me.
I love it when you can hear music that is soothing to the soul it does just what you need. Even more so when you ask in prayer to simply please let you go through the day in a more relax mode. I am thankful for those moment. I am forever grateful for those moments. I am grateful for those small answers to prayers that we are able to receive. I am very grateful to know that our Heavenly Father will give us those awesome opportunities. That I can see these great opportunities rise. I am forever grateful for my Saviour and His love He shows upon me. I love Him. And I am happy to have such a wonderful family and such great friends. And I say this in the name of Jesus the Christ. Amen.

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elegyrl said...

Veronica... you are AWESOME!! Love ya girl! I too love to listen to church music to calm myself down and when having a bad day and stuff!