Saturday, December 13, 2008

Let the Good Times Roll...

So, I went to work yesterday and something triggered a funny memory. I love it! And I found myself laughing to myself because of the funny memory that I had to get a book to chuckle so no one could tell what was going on..hehe...

I laugh even now because there is nothing that they can do about me sharing the moment of sheer joy!

So, my room mates and I were on the way to FHE (Family Home Evening) for a lesson on Christ and then the person that teaches the lesson then shares with us (their peers) their testimony. And well, it was starting to get late to arrive to FHE. And well, I was up front and my friend J was sitting in the back, we were all talking and everything was going great. Well, then we had barely miss the green light and my friend decides to make two rights to instead of waiting for the light to go straight. J and I, were thinking the same thing... "she's crazy" and "that was so illegal, man, she's lucky nobody (well not really nobody) but no one had notice what she had done!" So, me using exaggeration and trying not to bust out laughing said to her..."well, umm, I had no idea two rights make a straight." At this point, I'm struggling and J could see my point and just started laughing and well, we all just busted out laughing out loud so hard that when we arrived to our destination, we all were struggling to get out of the car.

Ok, so, its not as funny when you read it...its one of those you have to be there moments. But at any rate, she will never live it down...and she knows it. So, when we are all being serious and I can't always help myself I'll say something dumb...and I will use the line, "so, hmm, two rights make a straight," and its only when she's around and we can enjoy our moment of silliness.

At any rate, I was also thinking of my sweet little nephew. He is sooo proud to be my nephew, he keeps telling me when I am with him "you better show my picture to everyone." So, I will. Apparently he joined the vampire club awhile ago:

Well, while I was visiting my family, we my parents, my sis Claud and my nephew Fabian and I went to Kohl's and he was feeling like asking for most kids do...and well, he got the toy that he wanted of course. But what was funny was what he said, now where he had learn this? I have the slightest clue and it totally surprised me. When I would tell my nephew to do something he would reply with saying..."ok, mamacita, bonita, chiquita, senorita." And it was just so funny. I love that kid! His a fun little one. I enjoy being around kids, I become a little kid, I know I'm a kid at heart. So, at any rate, that's all I got.

Well, thank heaven's for families! They are amazing and fun to be around! I am sooo grateful for my family and for their love and for taking care of me! And for always just being sooo AMAZING! I LOVE THEM!



Sarah said...

When are you coming back for Christmas? Have a safe trip!

Veronica said...

I'm not sure yet. But I might drive with Todd to Cali.