Tuesday, December 23, 2008


So, as I am visiting my family and friends. I realize that one of my friends little niece loves me a little too much.

Ok, what happens is that we are all watching a movie and I am sitting on the long coach with my friends little niece of 4 yrs of age. So, at first we are watching a family movie called Scrooge and she decide's that she at first lay down right next to me and give me directions as to what way she looked. If she looked forward she wanted to be tickled but then if she looked to the side to stop tickling her. It was really just plain silly but kids are silly. So I did just that tickle her when she was looking forward and then to the side I would stop. She was having a lot of fun. I kinda adapted her as my little niece. Well, at one point, she decided she was going to stand up on the couch and I was not at all paying attention to what she was doing and I was watching the movie. Well, while she was standing infront of me she decide's she would toot (aka-let out some gas). Of course, I didn't smell it at first but as soon as she said "hahaha, I farted." I noticed the smelly fragrance she had left me. To that my reply was...."hey, I don't like those smelly fragrances as gifts. They aren't very cool." She was laughing pretty hard covering her mouth of how she had thought she made something so funny. I'll admit I was laughing. It was silly, silly kids.

Her mom wasn't home to say anything but when she did get home I told her jokingly that her daughter needs to leave better presents to others. It was funny. The whole room of people were laughing because of what was said. She apologized embarrassed by what her daughter had done. I told her not to worry, this is not the first time this has happened. Remember, I have a small little nephew that does that always when its unexpected and he does it to anyone. Boys will be boys. Anyways, that was just what one funny thing that happened.


elegyrl said...

whose house were you at?? Whiose niece was it???

Veronica said...

It was Raleigh's house. His little niece, Ailani (she is Crystal's daughter). I think her name is, I can't remember...her name but she's a cute little one.