Sunday, July 27, 2008


So, I'm a dork. My room mate told us to PLZ eat this food that she had from some place that she ate yesterday. And I gladly toke a bite yesterday and I'm not gonna lie, it was good, too good infact, I couldn't eat anymore. Why? Well, let me just tell you, it was spicy! Me and spicy foods do not get along. You see, spicy foods and I, aren't friends. And I had to quickly find a piece of bread to simmer down the flames of fiery.
Well, today, I did the smart thing and had some of that same food I had yesterday that made my mouth breath fire. Yeah, that was smart. I went for the tortilla, nnnnope, and found bread and that calmed down the dragon in me. You see, I was thinking, well, maybe I need to get myself use to eating spicy foods. And it would be good if I start now. Ya know, its all good. I can do this....Well, of-course, that didn't work. You kidding me, only for like a second and then I changed the food to a quesadilla. Although, quesadilla's in El Salvador are different than the Mexican Quesadilla and sooo much more better.

At any rate, that was my two interesting thing that happened today and well, partly yesterday.

I did, however, really enjoyed what was talked about in church today. I also really enjoyed the stories that were told. They were definetly inspired with the spirit strongly, so I can hear those words. I needed to hear all that was said. Thanks to the loving people in my ward and for abiding with the spirit to speak and touch on subjects of things, that I personally needed to hear.

I am also very greatful for the beauty of the earth. And to able to watch a lighting/thunderstorm yesterday. It was gorgeous. I love that I get to live here on earth and experience some marbleless things. I am soo grateful to have an opportunity to live in the gospel and know of the truths. I am greatful for how the Lord blesses us. And how He truey works in mysterious ways. And I say that in the name of Jesus the Christ. Amen.
Love ya all,

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elegyrl said...

You are too cute sometimes!I have been gradually getting myself more accustomed to spicy foods as well. But I started a little simpler... instead of going straight for the spice I ate medium salsa instead of mild and worked my way up like that. I still wont eat hot salsa but I can tolerate more than before. Its all about knowing your limits. For me I tried some stuff and said well its stronger than I am used to but I can tolerate it without needing to eat bread immediately and slowly life has become a little spicier! I am glad things are going good for you and that you had a good day at church! I did too!