Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Thinking out loud

Well, today has been a great day. I received news that I can work tomorrow which makes me happy. Weird, I know. But I like my job and I really don't mind being there. I have been doing quite a bit of learning. Its been quite the experience there. Always something funky going on at work, never a dull moment.
So, I was thinking. I hate it when people judge you right away. Its annoying. I mean, ok, you don't get to chose who you are gonna grow up with and what you kind of a life you'll get to have. There is a plan for each and everyone of us and each one is unique and different in their own way. Which is great, because to be honest I wouldn't want mines to be the exact same as the next person. I wouldn't be able to learn and grow from those life experiences that you are suppose to learn and grow.
I was talking to my mom and dad on the phone the other day...and well, I unsuccessfully tried to get them to come visit me in the state that I am currently living at. But my mom, saids its too much of a drive so I told her, well, go on a airplane, its faster...I still got a negative on that one...so much for trying....tisk tisk...
Well, I finally said, well, if you go to Vegas I'll meet you there, its half way for the both of us and I have been wanting to go for awhile, so when do you want to meet there? My mom was please with the idea. I remember going there a lot as a kid and watching loads of free shows, arcade games, window shopping, talking to people, rides and all that jazz. It was a lot of fun when I went, I kept myself really well entertained and really busy. I love just walking around town. Its nice, I mean when you have someone with you anyway. Because some people they are just plain creepy and I love being with family as well as friends!
So, I was telling a friend about going...and really, I wish I hadn't. They made a judgement based on my decision of going to Vegas. Its a bunch of crap what I was told. I was pretty close to just walking away from the room. You know what, its lame what she was telling me. Ya so what, I didn't grow up being a member of the church. Somedays, yes, where harder than others. But, the hell with it, I try to remember all the happy moments because those are the moments that I want to take with me forever!!
I love my family soo much. And they are my number one! They always come first to me, not friends family does. I actually was having a conversation with my crazy niece earlier and we were both reminiscing about the good old days and how dumb we were. It was pretty funny of some of the things we have done. But you know, some people change and some people never do and if they do its not always early on in their life right after high school.
I wish everyone would just be ok with meeting new people and fine with getting to know others without caring ..."Oh, they might be judge me."

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elegyrl said...

So you didnt mention what it was that the girl said to you that was somehow judging you about going to Vegas but I can obviously imagine some stuff... with the gambling and drinking and stuff but like you said there is tons else to do and see other than that stuff. I say if you want to meet your Mom there than go for it! You know what is right and wrong and you will make the right choices! Love ya! Stay strong