Monday, June 23, 2008

Pure sillyness...

So, today in my Human Life Span Psychology Class, we were talking about the different stages of life that you get too experience. And well, I totally started thinking of things that I did that was just pure silly. A lot of those things are embarrassing story, that if you have spoken to my parents... especially my dad, they will tell you of all the stupid things that I have done that are well, pretty embarrassing... its the funniest thing ever. And you know, normally I won't share any but it brought a smile and a chuckle to me that I can't just hold it on, I must tell. Now, don't get me wrong embarrassing stories are fun to hear but I can't tell you all of them because that would be just plain embarrassing and I will have to go find a corner and think to myself....why? Why do i do this to myself? I don't understand... But I guess I will be doing that later.
So, first I have to say. I am the baby in my family. And well, my siblings are half siblings and my mom is married to my dad. ( I promise this ties into my story)... Well, since I am the baby and REALLY far apart in age with my siblings, (to give you an idea how far apart, my third oldest/youngest sibling is 7 yrs older than me but the oldest is 12 yrs older than me) . Well, I really wanted a younger sibling like you know maybe a baby brother or sister... more so a baby bro. Well, so I go upto my mom ( I can't remember the exact age I was, I'm gonna have to ask my mom), and well for some reason or other I somehow had the impression that if you eat a lot of food you can get pregnant. Well, now as you can tell and your probably are laughing your butt off. I asked my mom, well maybe more of a suggestion than a question.... here goes.... "Mom, you know, maybe if you eat more you can have another baby. That would be cool." Now, mind you I was pretty small and you know not very bright at the time. And because my mom, being my mom and trying not to get me upset for my not knowing how baby's are made, just said. "Ok, honey..." with a smirk on her face really badly wanting to laugh but can't cause I'm a innocent little child.
Well, so I later left and I still asked her to do the same thing as time passed and then I finally stopped asking my mommy dearest to have another child because my mom didn't want to have a 5th child, four was obviously enough for her, especially since we all drive her boonkers! And sometimes she'd wish she was invisible but she knows that its funny to watch us do the silly things that we do and sometimes still do and how we say some pretty strange out of this world stuff so, of course my mom decided its awesome to be a mom!! Specially when you get to tell the stories of all the dumb things that their kids get to do infront of them when they are older just to get them, you know a little red in the face...(you know embarrassed!!). Yeah, well, its good times. So, thats just one of many silly things I have done as a child. I think I like it and will call it my own...hehe...nerdy, i know but it takes one to know one..... I guess?!? hmm...well, I should go to bed. I am starting to get tired. So,ah, good night everyone! I hope you enjoyed my story cause I am sticking to it.

Love and peace,
me =)

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elegyrl said...

That wasnt too bad! I don't think it was a very embarrassing story at all...especially since you said you were little and as little ones we are especially innocent and naive! But as I was starting to read it I was thinking "oh I am going to have to go to her Dad and hear some stories" but then I realized I know enough embarrassing stories about you I dont need to hear those :) Love ya girl!