Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So, here I am sick at home. The executive director at work ask me if I was feeling alright...and well, I kept saying, I think so but really its not just I think so its more like, I know so. My co-workers were also saying the same thing to me. Well, now that I have been home for the last, oh I don't know...six hours...I'm starting to feel pretty crummy.

Well, I know when my friends read this, they say I'm pretty out there and I don't stay on one subject. Well, I apologize, I'm ADD and I can't keep focus on one thing, I always try but I have a hard time. People don't understand, someone said is that you don't try hard enough or that you just don't want to. Actually, thats not true and not even the case. I felt offended when they said that to me. Honestly, I do try but I can't. My mind just doesn't work that way and you know what, I've always been that way. I mean, I always finish my task and I always shot for the stars. I mean, I don't always get what I hope for but whose to say that I am any better than anyone else, no-one. I don't think of myself better than anyone. I am just a student working her butt off to get her education and also trying to make a living.

I sometimes wonder what people think of me but sometimes I try not to think about it because some people's thought about me is better left unsaid. I don't understand the world and why its so corrupt. I wonder why people aren't willing to try something different, to live a little. I actually often wonder a lot about a lot of things. Its too bad that some people just don't understand.

I honestly enjoy living life and doing my own thing but I also really enjoy spending time with the people I care the most. You know the only reason I am sick is because I forget about myself a lot and my needs and tend to help others more than anything else. I enjoy helping those around me, its one of my favorite hobbies. But sometimes, you have to realize when to give too much is enough and pay attention to yourself or else you can wear yourself down and can get yourself sick. What it comes down to is its time for me to take care of myself and by taking care of myself I need to relax and just be a bum atleast for a day.

Well, moving on to the next thing, I actually dont have anything good to say. Nothing bad either, just nothing period. Well, I'm gonna go. Night.