Monday, September 29, 2008

I didn't do it!!!

*pay attention to what is saids on the white sticker.

So, I was work today and I am soo glad that I am feeling TONS better! Yesterday was the first day in four days that I was actually able to enjoy eating! I had a stomach flu...I think anyway or something like that. And during the time I wasn't at work or hanging out with anyone which really, I didn't see anyone during that time...thank pete because really, who wants to get sick? Not I!! But at any rate, while I was staying home; I watched 7 movies that most of them I had not seen before... ( I had a lot of time on my hands) and taking meds...yuck, was just about all I could do and I missed three days of work...yuck again. I hate missing work.

Anywho, I went to work today and I am really clumsy sometimes. Ok, j/k, let me rephrase that, I am clumsy!...LOL. So, I was just about to leave the office and I was getting out of my chair to leave. Well, low and behold, the phone cord somehow managed to get stuck on me and hit the floor with a BANG!...mind you I share the space with my co-worker in a small office inside the office bldg (if that makes sense and I already established letting people know that my english can be not so great sometime), and I said because she had looked at me and before she said anything, I said, "You didn't hear anything." and I made sure everything looked good. She gave me a look of some concern and asked "what happened?" and I quickly responded with a smile and shrugged my should..."Oh, nothing." as camly as I could and trying to keep a straight face and she just laughed a little and went on back to work.

I guess, seriously, Monday's and Fridays are my clumsiest days ever. It was soo funny, at least to me it was.

And Sunday was a lot of fun! I am soo glad to have such great friends and home-teachers! They are A-MAZING! So, I just wanted to share my happy thoughts for today. Have a rocking awesome day!

Love ya-

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elegyrl said...

Not that I think falling down is a good thing by any means but it is a lot better in your case than mine with the whole knee injury and all! I think I have slipped and fallen more times since my surgery than I did in my whole life beforehand! SO crazy! BTW I know where you got your pics from :)