Saturday, November 1, 2008


Apparently I'm an easy mover. Well, I like to be. Its easier to get things out of the house and well, there's not much that you have to move for me other than boxes. But I do know this, next time I move, I will have a big bed that will need to be moved, a dresser or two, a desk and maybe a lot more dishes and kitchen ware because I moved a place where we don't have a lot of stuff and also i have an unfurnished room. I've also learned how to pack and move since I moved like 6 times in the last 2 yrs. Crazy! I know.

But its' all good. I'm really grateful that I have AMAZING friends. Whether they be here in Utah or in what I will always call home California! Some of my guy friends and some girl friends from my Ward, well one chic I had just met not that long ago, came over and helped me move. It all toke an hr to get me mostly out of the house. The actual getting everything out of the boxes and making my new room looking like a room always takes longer and the packing as well when you have a full time job and you take two classes for two nights a week with LOADS of homework, which I need to start doing right now....eewwk!

I live in a beautiful town house. Its a nice quiet neighborhood and I have made friends with my new room mates. I am currently making friends at my new ward and getting to know as many people as I can. And also trying to find some new peeps to hang out with. I've established good grounds here and I can't wait to getting to know more people around here and the city. Its a small city but its good. I have taken some pretty awesome pictures that I will be adding a lot on my blog because its beautiful scenery.

I was up at Spanish Fork area or maybe some other city, yeah, I can't remember anymore, but at any rate it was a beautiful day and the area was mostly farm land and I saw some two beautiful horses, they came up to my car and I was really tempted to pet them, unfortunately I didn't have a carrot to give them so I didn't but they came upto where I was in the fenced area and I toke pictures of them. I love animals! Horses are soo pretty. Well, I hope that you have a gorgeous day!

Love ya'll!! =)

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Sarah said...

You moved again?!?