Saturday, April 19, 2008

You learn something new...

Well, I was talking to one of my room mates and well, she is helping me to start doing my family history work. I am sooo excited! I just started. Ya know, doing Geneology work, isn't all that bad. You get to learn a lot about your family! I am learning about my grandma, she is a funny lady, I come from a hispanic background, so of course I speak both English and Spanish. Well, my grandma, refuses to be called "Abuelita" in spanish, she would prefer to be called Grandma in english, ok, keep in mind that "abuelita" means Grandma in english, she saids that if we call her "abuelita," that it would make her feel old and she doesn't like feeling old. Well, I hate to brake it to ya grandma, but both words mean the same and I still don't understand one over the other. I guess it makes sense, but I don't know, she is just silly.

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