Saturday, April 12, 2008

My sister

Well, I got to talk to my sister, Laura, yesterday! It was SOOO nice to hear her voice and SOOO nice to hear that she was happy, she sounded happy and a whole lot stronger. I miss her dearly!! She was telling me that because of everything that has been happening with her health and going in and out of the doctors and the hospital, that it has been affecting her, so much that her hair has been thinning out more and more and that she has some bold spots on her head. Which is really sad, she also mention of feeling depressed and its mostly at night (evening-ish) is when she starts feeling depressed and during the day she is fine. Well, she told me that my niece(her daughter) went out of her way to take my sister to the mall and got her hair extensions (those cost a lot, they are pretty expensive). Well, the people there (some men that work where my sis got hair extensions) gave my niece a really nice discount (it wasn't on sale, they did an act of kindness, an act of service for my sweet!) and did my sister's hair, put on some hair extensions and made it look nice and curly now it looks how she use to have, beautifully curly, and then they gave her extra hair extensions. My sister was AMAZINGLY glowing of pure happiness because she has hair now. Just hearing it, it made me want to cry not b/c I was sad, but b/c how much it means so much to her to have the things that she needs so she can feel more like a women, so she can feel more like herself, more complete.

Its so awesome to hear this from my sister, and its funny how things work out. My sister, Laura, is now able to drive again, because she has the strength to drive. She is also learning on how to start cooking for herself, since she hasn't been able to do it for a long time due to sickness. I am so glad to hear those things are going well for her.

Anyways, I just wanted to let you know how my sis is doing. Thats all. Have a wonderful day!

Today is absolutely gorgeous and breath-taking. I love these days!!

Love ya,

"Laugh like no one is watching, Dance like you have never done before, Smile like there is no tomorrow and Live like there is no end"

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