Monday, October 6, 2008

Breaking In.... my own house!

Well, today, I woke up sick and weak. The smell from the mold thing has been getting stronger and I am pretty sure its affecting my health. Because I have been getting sick way too much this year and truth be told, I HATE being sick!!! Yuck!

Well, since I have been home pretty much all day, I was inbetween looking for a place to live and texting my friend from home since she has not enough minutes to chat. Well, I noticed that something was wrong with the sprinkler because it was spouting out like a lot of water. And now our small garden is flooded and I have nothing to take out the water. Mind you, I am wearing nothing but my pj's and no shoes and well, yeah, I had woken up not that long ago and had been in my pj's because of course being that I was sick, I wasn't about to hoop in the shower and change to something nice, I just wanted to be comfortable, at any rate, the floor of the patio is flippen cold!!!

Well, I go outside, completely forgetting that once you shut the door and don't unlock the door, your locked out!

Well, my smart self, shut the door, forgetting to unlock the door, my cell phone and keys! I finally realized what I had done. Nice move V, nice move! Was going through my head and, now what? Well, I started to walk to where our cars park very close to our garage and was looking at the windows. Instantly, I think, I hope I can break into my own house, this just keeps getting interesting by the second.

So, I go back to the backyard feeling the cold through my feet and body beginning to get the chills, still wondering, how in the heck am I getting in?!?

I finally re-adjusted some things and climbed a bench and the window was luckily unlocked and I climbed in and I kept hoping I wouldn't fall inside the house while climbing in. Finally, I entered successfully. The bench from the kitchen wasn't too far from the window which made it easier but still shaky, but I was luckily able to pull it a bit closer with my feet. The scary part was getting on the bench because its holds the fort by one thing of wood on one end and another on the other end, if you step on it wrong, your likely to hurt yourself and fall. So, somehow, Heavenly Father answered two prayers at once, I can get into the house and I didn't hurt myself while climbing in.

And ya know, I had no idea someone could have let me in if I had asked, but nope, I didn't ask for help instead, well, at least not from the neighbor's or anyone, I asked in prayer for help and I got an answer. And there was no way in heck I was going over to anyone's home to ask for help or to let me in, I look ridiculous enough as it was and my feeling sick doesn't help because I don't want to be contagious, that would be bad news. Well, so, thats my sad but kinda funny story for the day.

Later! :)


elegyrl said...

You are a nerd! I am glad it all worked out ok! Feel better soon!

Jessica Roberts said...

I still love this story. :)