Thursday, June 5, 2008

Biology Class

So, today has been a pretty good crummy day. What do mean? Well, let me tell ya, I have been sick for the last couple of days...pretty much since Friday and I finally started feeling better just yesterday. Gosh, its been wicked! I HATE, HATE being sick. But I was sick alright, I really don't know why I was soo sick but sick nonetheless. So, anywho, I made myself go to work on Tues. and Wed. (just to make myself presentable and earn some money cause it would be bad news for me to not have enough money on my paycheck for pay day, its no bueno to have small pay checks). Well, today, I was finally feeling excellent, so excellent that things kinda started falling apart at work. No good, eh. Well, that happened and then I got a call that I wanted to scream by the time I was done, it put the cherry on the cake. I'm going into collections because well if people would listen to me a little more and stop thinking that I am too young to know whats good for me, that call could have been avoided, lets just leave it at that.
So...on to Biology. This is not going to be boring I promise. During my bio class, ( this class actually calmed my nerves down and I was relax and happy after, thank goodness!!) well, we were talking about industrial revolution and the population growth. So, the reason that there was such a rise of a population growth was and this was somewhere in the 1800's was because for 1) Industrial Revolution and 2) Modern medicine & medicine growth. So, industrial revolution....okay, yeah, its a good thing....but think about it. But right now because of industrial revolution that is still going on ok.....for example: in my old neighborhood it was a small city, not a lot of people and not a lot of houses or building and had a bit of farming of fruits and veggies. Well, go look at it now, the industry is ruining the vegetation, good soil, messing up the hills and making them to homes, stores,and corporate offices. And well messing with the natural beauty of the earth. Its polluting the earth. Its annoying! I mean, here you have all these great industries that either make it or fail to make the right sales or go the wrong way of making business. You have to be smart in order to start of business and also how you run it! You don't make the right moves, it goes down hill pretty fast. You scam someone, you have a fatty law suit glaring at you! You are smart on how you hire, pay, run the business, spread the word and make it something that your consumer's are going to want and want more'll do great. One small move gone wrong... say good bye to what was your good sha-shing/bling bling. You see a lot of those happening even more so, I've noticed anyway, that each time a new business is built on top of the land that the business had gone wrong previously, and the new business, a good chunk of it anyway, will go down too. Why? I have no idea. Its interesting though. I wonder what the stats are to that. It makes me think, what do people do on those things? I mean really. Why build where you know its not going to pull through? why not go where it will be more popular and on demand? Hmm, only God knows, its true, He really does know. He is an all knowing God. Smarter than us sad humans. Sad...I mean when we make silly mistakes. He knows why we do the stupid things that we do in life and how come we never learn. Its a life learning process. And hopefully we eventually do learn from our mistakes and not make them again. Well, I would like to write more but its pass my bed time. I need to get up early for work. So, have a good night ya'll! And I hope this make's sense cause it does to me...atleast in my mind it does. Maybe its all gibberish. Oh,well. Later!

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elegyrl said...

What's that about going into collections??? Anyways I am glad you are enjoying your bio class! I hope you will continue to do well and to learn and to grow! I admire you so much for your strength and perserverance! For going out onto a limb and moving out of state and working on your own to live and gain higher education! You are awesome! Such an example to me! Thanks for always bearing your testimony even in your blog! You are AmAzIng!!!!!!