Saturday, June 7, 2008


Today I went to the Temple, however, the experience wasn't as great as it could have been. The events that happened last night was not the best. I wish they would have been but they really weren't. The sad part the company was not great at all and the conversations was the worst. I wish I could have made myself invisible. Does anyone ever have those feelings when things aren't going right? I mean, yeah, the people that you generally hang out with usually are awesome but other times, you just wish you were having yourself a good old time but with other people? Thats what happened last night. Normally its good to hang out with my friends but this time was not one of those times. So, anyway, I went to the Temple and it wasn't how it could have been, it could have been better but last nights event really really bothered me that, that it even affected my attendance at the Temple. Beforemy room mate and I went I told her that I would wait for her and that I may be outside so keep a look out because I knew she would take longer than me. So, I went to my car and was really trying to clear my mind and wanted to really badly calm my thoughts and not feel bothered anymore.
As I was in my car to get my cell phone (so I can call my family back home), my church music started playing and that started to help me not to think of anything and started to calm my thought process (I hope this makes sense to you cause it does to me). So I called my mom and I started talking to her and then I asked her if I could talk to my grandpa and I am seriously glad I spoke to my grandpa, he just knows how to make you feel happy again and he saids the right words to calm his kids down. My grandpa is like my dad only better because his just an amazing grandpa! My grandpa is a father of 12 kids and he knows what to say and when to say things at the right time to his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. His the cutest 82 yr old man ever. And sometimes you want to tell him to not go too crazy because he might hurt himself because his such a kid at heart. I love my grandpa!! I love my family too!
I am so glad I decided to call my family, they are awesome, they always help when I need it the most. I needed it today and I got the help that I needed without them knowing. Its calming to just hear a familiar voice and to know that, that familiar loving voice is your family member that cares for you so much. Its calming and its nice to have them because we can go through the rest of the day knowing that because their are wonderful people in our lives that love us. I wanna apologize for the last two or three blogs i wrote. They were worth nothing and were random thoughts that came to my mind. In fact, I will be erasing them because I don't like them.
But anyway, I AM glad for a Heavenly Father that cares and knows just what to do to give us comfort and who to direct us to. He knows exactly who we should call and who to talk to when we need a shoulder to lean on. I am glad for the precious moments that we get to enjoy. I love Him SOO very much! And I say these things in the name of Jesus the Christ. Amen.

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elegyrl said...

You shouldn't erase old blogs... each time you write a blog it is truly great! Besides even if they are random thoughts they are YOUR thoughts and so they almost become like a journal! Someday your future kids grandkids etc can read them and see how wonderful and fun you are (I guess by then it could be how wonderful you were..) You are an inspiration to me...don't ever change that or who you are!! Love ya