Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday's Best.

Ok, so, to begin from my previous blog. There was actually two blogs that I wrote that are were nothing. And I erased them. Sorry.
Moving on, today has been a beautiful day. The sun shining bright and the blue skies, uh, breath taking. Specially the sun set from last night. That was beautiful. I love watching the sun set. Its really nice. Anyway, today at church...a lot of the lesson's that were giving were wonderful lesson filled with the Spirit ever so strongly. I love it when that happens. Its really nice. There is one thing that I miss about Sundays and that is spending time with my family. Sitting at the table and laughing of our silly moments that we have in life or the silly things that my nephew would say.
In fact, yesterday I spoke to my nephew and well, his such an adorable little one. He and I had a short and bittersweet conversation. Bittersweet?? Well, he like everytime I talk to him the first question that comes out of his mouth "why don't you come visit me?" It makes me feel so sad (bitter part...because I miss him so much) and (the sweet) "you can go to the bank, ask them for money." ...."Sorry, but they don't have any money"being my respond. Fabian (my nephew) well, why don't you go to the store?""cause hun they are poor just like me." Fabian... "well go to the bank than." (soo cute, his so innocent) me "ok, I guess I will try them."
I love that kid soo much. His a doll. I wish he were here. But anyway, thats a little bit of the conversation that we had. Bittersweet.
My family is amazing, the church is wonderful and Heavenly Father divine. He works in marvelous ways and He knows how to touch our lives. I love being a member of this wonderful church that I am a member of. I enjoy life and I love how peaceful I am at this moment in time because I know my Saviour loves me and will take care of me.