Friday, October 17, 2008

Getting Kicked out of a Bar

.....for drinking water.

Yup, that happened to me. You might be wondering why in the world I was at a bar....hmmm...

Well, this weekend I was at Las Vegas, Nevada for my work Conference. It was amazing the things that were presented. I loved that I got to go. Also, I never eat at fancy restaurants and I got fed real well with a 3 course meal. The presentation was good. I guess, you can say, I live the simple life. I mean, I'm just not use to going all out and eat at fancy restaurants. Of course, I only drank milk, water or juice but mostly water. Water has become my new favorite drink, its good, healthy and it hydrates your body.

Oh, yeah, I apologize now for jumping from subject to another, my brain just work's that way, I mean at the very least, I get out what I want to say....

So, I was minding my business and just studying in my room on Sunday Night. I was sad because I missed Church and most of all Sacrament Meeting. I love partaking of Sacrament meeting, it is the day of rest AND the day I can go and re-new my covenants with my Heavenly Father. At any rate, I was wishing I could go home... (as in Utah home....) and I was wishing I had some friends at my hotel and that I new people's number that live in Vegas but I course I couldn't find them. Sad dayz.

Well, as I was pondering and throwing myself a pity party, my Supervisor and other co-worker came into the room and pointed out that I had to go with them and dance. Quite honestly, I wasn't in the mood to dance or to argue so I just got myself ready because when they had entered I was in my pj's. Well, I was not looking forward to whatever comes next.

We went to Bally's club thing and they had a group performing singing all sorts of good songs but I was not in the mood for it yet again. I just wanted my alone time, since I have been with other's for far too long without R & R time.

My supervisor kept beckoning me to dance, she was ready to get her groove on but I told her no, she could go. I know that she really wanted to dance but she wasn't going if I wasn't going to go. I gave in and danced, mostly just swayed from left to right, and watch some ladies get giggy with it.

At any rate, yeah, it was fun watching other people dance but I really truly did not want to be there. So, while we were there, I watched people dance and pretend to enjoy myself when really I was dying to go back to the hotel room. Finally, the lady asked us to leave.

Now, keep in mind, my co-workers ordered me water and themselves. I was there only because I just wasn't in the mood to argue because regardless of whatever I would do to get myself from not going, I knew I wouldn't succeed. And yes, one of my co-workers got her groove on. She pretty much REALLY enjoyed herself...while I was trying to learn how to country line dance....didn't work so well for me.

But, I guess it was fun. I think though for me, was funny that we got kicked out for not drinking alcoholic beverages. Those beverages are gross and if I had been more bolder at the moment, I would have gotten myself kicked out sooner so I wouldn't have to be there. Now what do I mean by getting myself kicked out sooner, well...just leave the place quickly. The lady, that kept trying to talk to me about getting something to drink and who knows whatelse, I had a hard time understanding her. Coveniently, my sign language kicked in and I was asking in Sign Language what was she asking and then, my final attempt, was I pointed to my co-worker so she can talk to her.

Now, I am SOO glad I know some sign language, but I need to get better at it. It helps when you really don't want to talk to people like at the club.

And even though, all that transpired, I was still wanting to go back Utah. Monday was a long day. But, it helped that my mom made it easy for me to talk to her as long as I wanted. I needed it. It gets boring staying with your co-workers all day sometimes, I'm sorry to say.

What also helped is that, I finally got myself sucked into a book. Because of time and schedule, I would have been done with this book quickly but I am not. I'm so intrigued and can't wait to finish it. The book is "Twilight" and darn it, its good.

Well, I can't write any more, its time for me to get ready for work. Have a nice day!

Love ya,
me... :)

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Jessica Roberts said...

Your comments about ASL made me laugh. When I was in Paris I was accosted by a group of African immigrants trying to sell me a bracelet. It was pretty much the only time during my trip that I was a little scared about traveling alone, 'cause I was in a bad neighborhood. Anyway! So after escaping from them, I decided that I would pretend to only speak Spanish. I can totally pass for a Tica (Costa Rican), and what are the chances of African emigrants to Paris knowing Spanish?! Yeah, I'm a genius. So not 20 minutes later I was again accosted, this time by an older man. When he spoke to me (in English) I said, "Lo siento, no comprendo." Hehehe. So he goes, "Ah, espanol." !!! "Solo mira," he said. "No, no gracias senor," I said, and walked on, ignoring him. But the tricky devil! And here I thought I was so clever. Seriously, how many languages do these people speak?!! Sorry for the novel, but hope you at least laughed. ;)