Monday, October 27, 2008

Feeling loved....=)

by my sweet nephew!

I love that kid. His my proud little nephew and 5 yrs of age. His the sweetest kid ever, with a HUGE heart! I miss him a lot.

He called me twice yesterday! And let me tell ya, thats a first. He called me to let me know that
"its ALREADY Thanksgiving, and I have been waiting all this time to see you!!!"

I was in the middle of baking and I hear the phone go off, I wasn't expecting a call and my phone rang. I didn't answer because I was trying to finish making Confetti Cake as quickly as I could. Well, I finished and quickly checked who had called first I thought, maybe its my Visiting Teacher's calling me or my mom. Nope, it wasn't, my nephew figured out how to get to the contacts from my sis's phone (his mama, which I'm not surprised that he figured it out on her cell phone, his a SMART kid) and then he gave me a call. Actually two calls. And I somehow missed both. I know why I missed one but not the other.

So, I called back and he starting saying, "hello," and i recognized his voice instantly and said "Hi!" I was SOOO excited to hear my sweet nephew's voice. And then, he went ahead and went straight to business. "When are you coming?" .."well, sweetie, I will be there for Thanksgiving." Fabi..."its been awhile, I haven't seen you, you haven't come and visited me. Its been a long time!" I responded..."I know I am sorry. But I promise I will be there for Thanksgiving." He said without skipping a beat.."But its ALREADY Thanksgiving, come now, come see me!" "But its not Thanksgiving yet, that won't be until three more weeks." My nephew.."But it is! I haven't seen you, I want you to come now and I am waiting for you. I'm still waiting for my Spiderman, too." When he said that, I had my u-huh moment, I forgot about that, woops! So, I respond... "Oh, yeah, I will still get you one, not to worry. I will come visit you, just wait a little bit longer, I will come and so will your toy." My nephew said quickly... "I'm gonna go tell my mom so she can come and get you, so you can be here with me!" My only respond, "ok, you do that. Good luck." Him.."ok. I love you." "I love you, too. Bye-bye." "Bye."

It was soo sweet to talk to him, his such a hoot. He makes me laugh soo hard. And his such a tease, he loves to be silly and joke around (just like his dad) and his LOADS of fun. I can't wait to see him! Well, I just wanted to say, I miss my sweet little nephew! And I can't wait to see him! Its gonna be LOADS of fun!!! =)

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elegyrl said...

I bet if having nephews is so much fun just wait until we have our own kids to brag about!